Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Journey Begins

Hey everyone! So first off I thought I would start out by introducing myself and what I hope to do with this blog! I am a recent college graduate with a Major in history and a minor in political science! I had planned to go to law school but now I am just not sure what I will do. I am taking a year off to plan my wedding to the love of my life! We are getting married June 18, 2011. I am extremely excited! We have the place and the photographer and I think I almost have the dress decided! We just signed a lease yesterday for our apartment! It will be the first time we have lived together and the first time I have ever moved out of my parents house! So it is bittersweet because I am excited to live with my fiance, but I loved living with my parents so it will be sad. Especially since my Mom has been out of town my last week there, but I have been having great Father Daughter time! You may think it is weird that I have never moved out, even during college but I loved it at my house. I am extremely close to my parents and my Mom and I would usually have movie night late at night at least 2 times a week. I am currently a legal assistant, for now, I say for now because I need a raise! I have been here for over a year and a half and have never gotten one!

Anyway, I think that was mainly it. I will add more as the blog progresses about me and my life. My purpose for this blog was to write down my feelings, my everyday happenings, my wedding planning process, trying to start my own business, the newness of living on my own with my fiance, and so much more. I hope that whoever ends up reading this enjoys it and has fun with it. I am going to do my best to keep up with this and write as often as I can! I am going to probably do certain things like Movie Monday where I try and watch a movie or decide on one to watch or something sill like that, but I havent quite got that far yet! 

I was actually quite excited when I came up with the name for this blog! I always have a hard time trying to think up good catchy names and then I thought well I like Dr. Suess a lot so why not Oh The Places You'll Go, because life is a journey and it takes you many places. But then of course it was taken, so then I thought who else did I like to read and I thought Shel Silverstein poems and I loved his Falling Up book, and then it just hit me Oh The Places You'll Go While Falling Up. To me it is like with the journey of life comes a great ride, but sometimes it knocks you off your feet and it almost feels like your Falling Up. Or something like that! Take it as you want!

I know it is not Monday but my movie review for this "Monday" was Salt. My Dad and I went to see it last night and I actually kinda liked it. I am not a big Angelina Jolie fan but I thought this was a pretty good movie. The ending was a little weird but I liked the action and the twist at the near end of it. I also watched Glee for the first time last night with my Dad and I LOVED it! I am not sure why I have never watched it because I love musicals but now I am! I am also in the middle of the 2nd season of True Blood! I think the books are better, but it is still good!

Anyway, tonight we are going to pick out some paint for the new apartment, of course we have to paint it back when we move out and the paint we have to buy from them can cost from $20-$85! I was thinking wonder if they will notice if I just buy my own white paint!?

Here is a good Shel Silverstein Poem!

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