Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time To Ring In The New Year!

Wow! I can't believe that 2010 is already almost over! It seems like it went by faster than usual! It also means that the 6 month countdown till the wedding has arrived! In fact it is about 5 months and 18 days! YIKES! I am so far behind it feels like! We need to do the DJ, Flowers, Cake, Decorations, Favors, BM dresses, MOH Dresses, FG dresses, the boys clothes, get the rings, plan the honeymoon, figure out my hair, figure out who is going to do my hair and I am sure there is a lot more that I am forgetting! I am about to get stressed out! I need to make a list and a game plan and just hop to it! Luckily we have a meeting with a DJ next Saturday! DJ's are soooooo expensive! It also might be split between a DJ and my Dad's band if they want to play. I am just getting nervous that all of the good places will be booked for everything! On top of all that I am determined to get in shape! And I mean it! I am going to have abs, nice sculpted legs, nice arms, nice back and more! It is just so hard to get motivated to work out I am all gung-ho for it when I am at work then I get home and I am like well it can wait till tomorrow! On top of that I should start eating better but it is so hard because I am so picky and because some of my favorite food is so bad for you like cheese and fried potatoes! But I am going to try and do better.

I have decided that maybe if I write about my workouts and preparing for the wedding and what not more will get done! Of course then I have to make time to write! I have been making an online google document with workouts to do at home but of course I so far have spent more time doing that then actually doing them! I did however work out some last night! The problem is that I can't workout well after I eat because it makes me sick, that is why I can't eat anything before a soccer game, which is not healthy but otherwise I play like total crap. So after we ate last night I did some yoga and some ab and arm workouts. I did not do very much because my stomach had been upset all day but still I did some! I used to go to yoga once a week with me neighbor when I lived at home and it would help my neck and helped me keep exercising, but since I started working 5 days a week and now live farther away I have stopped going, plus I have no money :-(. Anyway I am determined to do it! I know I can! I know that I will cheat on what I eat sometimes but hey I am only human!

I made my chicken last night which is just marinated in soy sauce and garlic while it thaws then I cook it in my toaster oven and sprinkle it with pepper, garlic and onion flakes. Then I make green beans in a skillet with soy sauce and garlic. Not the healthiest meal because of all the salt and the fact that the green beans are cooked but hey better than fried potatoes I say! So I was not doing too bad then this morning I was going to have a banana instead of my usual strawberry poptarts, but of course that got ruined with my fiance decided he wanted McDonald's coffee and I of course had to get their hashbrowns which are SOOOOOO good! They like melt in your mouth! So there went my good eating. However for a snack I have ate a banana and I brought an apple and some honey for a snack later which I hear is supposed to be good for you.

Sorry if this is long and not very exciting but I am trying! Plus I haven't written in a  long time and I am on a writing spree! I keep thinking of things I want to write on here and then I lose track of what I was doing! I may have to make more than one blog post today! I just really wish I had some readers! That would be nice! Anyway hopefully here one day soon I will.

I am trying to think of my New Year's Resolutions and so far I have come up with:
  1. I will be in shape for my wedding, I will work out at least every other day, but preferably everyday. Even if it is just sit ups or a quick yoga session or a run. 
  2. I will continue my journey of reading the entire Bible, I fell behind but am determined to read a verse a night or at least every other night.
  3. I will attempt to eat better even if I cheat sometimes I will be okay with it.
  4. I am going to work on my cupcakery business and actually try it out.
  5. I am going to stress less about everything and know that only so much can be done at a time.
  6. I am going to work on my crafting/scrapbooking stuff.
  7. I will actually try to write a book, since I tell myself all the time how fun it would be to write one.
I know that is a lot of resolutions and I am sure I will think of more or maybe cross some off but I like them so far. I mean you only have one life to live so why not make the best of it right?! 

Last night I watched Easy A and I thought it was actually pretty cute. Some parts were embarrassing but there were some pretty funny parts. I know a lot of people probably did not like it but I am silly and usually like movies that critics and other people hate when they write their reviews online. I really want to see Little Fockers, the new Narnia, True Grit and so much more! We haven't been to a movie in a long time! 

I was very proud of myself over Christmas when I was in Tulsa vising my family I actually completed my first scrapbook! It was not as perfect as I would have liked it since I had to guess what I would need and wring it with me since it was a gift for my grandparents, but after spending about 9 nights on it I finally finished it! I am very glad I got it done! It was a lot of work and I know now that I am capable of doing a scrapbook but that maybe doing it slower would be easier! :-) 

For Christmas my wonderful fiance got my a Kindle! I had been looking at all the different e-readers but I have always been one who enjoys actually having the book and was not sure it was worth getting it because I did not think I would like reading on a screen and not having the book. It is actually a lot easier and nicer than I thought it would be! However, I think there are times I will have to read a good old fashioned book just for old times sake, plus I like to read in the bath and sometimes reading makes me sleepy and I dip the books in the water and I don't think the Kindle would last through that. One thing I wish you could do on the Kindle is have like a library system because I will have to buy all the books I want to read, but as my fiance says I am so silly about money that I should not worry about spending $7 on a book. I chose to read Water For Elephants as my first book because I had read they were making a movie and so I thought I would read it. It is not the kind of book I would usually read but I am actually really enjoying it! I can't wait to find out what happens! Of course then I have to decide what to read next! Let's just say my to-read list is like 300 books long and grows every time I log onto GoodReads. I am currently also working my way through the Sookie Stackhouse series so I need to finish those, also the Vampire Diaries and Blue Blood series need to be finished. Yes I am a Vampire/Fantasy kind of book girl, but I am trying to branch out! I also bought a book on the person who built the World Fair and the serial killer who used the fairgrounds for his murders, which is not like me to read at all but I missed my history class books and I have been watching Dexter so I decided to try it. I haven't got very far because I am into Water for Elephants but it is kind of interesting. 

Well okay I think that is all I am going to write for now! I am glad no work tomorrow! I wish I was still in Tulsa! Will write more later or tomorrow! Hope to find some followers! I have been searching blogs to follow as well! If anyone decides to read this and wants me to check out their blog comment and leave it below! And in light of the Christmas season here is one of my favorite movies and a quote! "Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I'd like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here...with a big ribbon on his head! And I want to look him straight in the eye, and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?" Ah good old Christmas Vacation we watch it every year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Quick Update

Wow i am not doimg a good job at allof keeping up with my blog! My fiance got me a Kindle for Christms and I am loving it! I was not sure at fist what I would think of it because I love reading books so I was not sure how it would be reading on a screen. But it is actually pretty cool. I think  I will still have to read and buy normal books sometimes but I enjoy that you can buy books wheneveryou want. I decided th first book I would read is Water For Elephants so far it is pretty good I am only on chapter three. I also got a history book abouut the creator or architect of the world fair amd also about the serial killer who ued the world fair for his killings. Now I wouldn't usually read about serial killers but I have recently been watching zdexter so I have kind of gotten interested.

 Well the six month countdown to our wedding has started! I definitely feel behind!my mom has finished our save the dates and we are getting ready to send them out!My dress camein bt have to get a different one because there were  a lot of mistakes. i have decided it is also wrkout time because i want nice arms and abs for wedding and honeymoon. So I hope I can make myself do it!

I am out in Tulsa visiting family for Christmas I am very hapy to be out here. I have also been working on my cupcakes and am tryin to start a business. So heres to hoping.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Update Blog

Hello All,
Well so I know I am behind on my writing! I always think okay I am going to do it today and then nope I don't. So I am going to try and do a quick fill in of what has been happening.

We will have been moved in for about a month this coming weekend. We got all the painting done! I really like the blue color we picked for the bedroom. However, the color we picked for the entrance and wall in the living room I don't like. I mean it is a nice color, but it blends with the other walls so can hardly tell there is even an accent color on it. I am hoping that we can re-paint it a different color.

Most of the stuff is put away in the apartment, but there is still a lot of clutter and it is starting to annoy me! It is hard to fit all of our stuff in here because it is smaller than we both had where we lived before. The walk in closet is crammed full of clothes, games, puzzles, scrapbook stuff and more. The kitchen is another place that is hard to fit everything in because the cabinets are kinda awkward and don't fit what you think they would. So we have just shoved stuff in random places. In the pantry the problem is that it is so deep that if something falls back and it is at the top I can't reach it when it falls back there.

We got our cable and internet set up we were going to use Qwest but they were not very good and didn't tell me how long we had to agree to the deal until after I had set everything up so we canceled. Of course since it came with DirectTV we had to call them directly instead of canceling it through Qwest where we ordered it. Then when I asked Qwest if we would be charged for whatever the fee was for DirectTV the guy proceeded to tell me we had not ordered it from them! So we instead went with Comcast and this deal had a 3 month upgrade to faster internet and HBO. We also get On Demand which is amazing! I have never had it before! We also somehow get the NFL network without even having to pay so that is nice.

I am so thankful for my parents because they have bought so much stuff for us to start out! I feel so greatful! I have enjoyed shopping with my Mom for stuff the apartment needs! We definitely wouldn't have all the stuff we needed without them!

So on the pet update we had to think about getting rid of the dog about 2 times because she would try and attack the other neighbors and bark and growl and whatnot and so we just weren't sure what to do because she had to go outside to use the bathroom. So we had to think about if we needed to find her a different home where she didn't have this problem. However, even though she barks at people she is really friendly with them so for now we are keeping her. She still thinks that she is bigger than all the other dogs so she starts to bark and growl at them which is pretty embarrassing because it seems we have the worst dog here!

Another note on the pet update is that I was having a very difficult time deciding whether or not I should bring my cat I have had since I was about 10 years old. It was really hard for me to leave her and I would have brought her without question, except for the dog. My cat, Tigerlilly, does not like dogs or even other cats and we have both at my parents house but she has a big enough house to get away from them in and they tend to leave her alone. So my parents kept telling me to think about her and not myself and how she would be in a smaller place with a dog that won't leave her alone. So I decided to leave her. So instead we adopted a new kitten last Wednesday. We were not planning on doing it so fast, but we fell in love with her. We had went to the pet adoption place located in our mall for a different kitten but he was not being very friendly and Adam did not want an unfriendly uncuddly cat, so I was kinda sad. But then we found out new kitten, Olive. She was about 2mo old and I had seen her online and she was an option but as soon as I help her she would curl up under my chin, which is what Lilly would do, and just burred and needed and cuddled and she did the same to Adam. So we both fell in love with her and we adopted her! It took us a couple of days to decide on a name, Adam had suggested Pancake and I said Dinah but we ended up liking a name my Mom came up with, Olive. So now the new now 3 mo old kitten is Olive. She is so sweet and funny and playful I love her. Lady is usually pretty nice to her but has snapped at her a couple of times. Olive loves the dog and rubs all over her, she wants to cuddle with her but Lady won't have it. She moves if Olive even lays next to her. One thing about Olive is that she loves needing and suckling on my shirts, hair, sheets, whatever she can find. So I bought her a blankie and she does it on that most of the time, she will start on me and then I move her to there. However, like last night she kept me up all night because she would try and come suckle on me. I am hoping that she does not do this forever.

We had our second set of engagement pictures and I wore the black and white dress that was all white on top and all black on bottom. They both actually fit and I kept them both, but am going to wear the white one to the rehearsal dinner. I think the pictures came out great and can't wait to see them!

Well there was my quick update I will try and write more! See ya!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Catch Up Blog

Bonjour All,
It has been a really hectic and stressful for the last 5 or so days! It all started on last Friday when it was my last night at my house. My Dad and I have been having a Father Daughter week because my mom is out of town with my Grandparents because my Grandpa just had surgery. Anyway we have started watching Glee and it has kind of become my Dad and I's show. Anyway so it was a sad night thinking that this would be the last night I would get to use my bath, have dinner with my Dad while watching Glee just the two of us, sleep in my bunk bed that I have had since I was like 5 or 6, cuddle with my cat that I have had since I was 10 (she was my birthday present), the last time I would get to watch a movie on my tv in my room, the last time I would be in my room, the last time I would come home after work to my house and hang out and eat Ramen on my parents bed and watch True Blood, that it would be the last time I would play on my Mom's computer or lay on the comfy couch. Of course my Mom has made me promise to come back and have sleep overs with her, which will mean that I will get to do some of these things, but it is not quite the same.

See when I was little I used to could never do sleepovers because I would get way to homesick and just want to go home. It was embarrassing, but it was how I felt. I always have been close to my parents (and the rest of my family) I would choose hanging out at home with them than going out with friends. Once I got older I was able to do sleepovers, but I would always be happy to come home the next day. So it has been a little difficult to say the least to get adjusted to not living with my parents in the home I have known since I was 6 years old. I have a lot of great memories there. Needless to say last night I about lost it and I think it was beacuse I was tired and stressed and it just all hit me. I just stood in the shower and cried and cried. Everytime I would think about like oh at home I could have done this I got teary eyed. And what made it worse was remember how sad my Dad looked when I drove away after packing all my stuff. It broke my heart a little seeing him like that. Also getting a text from him saying "Who is going to watch Glee with me now?" made me even sadder. Don't get me wrong I love living with my Fiance, but part of me still yearns for home. I was texting my Dad last night and he asked how I was and I said homesick and stressed and he said for me to just hang in there and try to relax and that everything would be all right and that after awhile it would feel more comfortable and more like home. And I said I knew that I just missed him and he just said 'Hang in there Sweet One" which I love reading over and over but it makes me wanna cry too. Which I know it will get better and I think once everything is put away and I have some dishes and stuff I can actually use and walk through the house without tripping it will be a lot better. I just wish it was closer to my parents house, and luckily the lease is only 7 months and I hope by then we can move closer. I am also very happy to be staying in the same state I am not sure how I would do moving out of state. But I know it will get better and that I am just being a baby, but I really do love my family.

In fact when I woke up this morning I told my Fiance I have to go see my Dad and so we are going to dinner over there tonight. This last Saturday and Sunday were pretty stressful because it was moving everything from our houses to the apartment. I have so much stuff trying to figure out what to leave and take was just stressing me out. Of course I can always come back and in fact I can move more when we get a bigger place so that is nice. Anyway so we bring a lot of my stuff over Saturday and we bring the dog. We decide to leave her on the porch while we bring stuff in, Adam goes no she can't jump the fence and guess what I look up and that darn dog has jumped it and is running around. So right now when we leave for work into a kennel she goes because she gets nervous when we leave and she pee's in the house and it is new carpet and I want the deposit back and what not. Adam was not thrilled with the idea and I don't like it either because the last time she was in a cage was the pound, but I also don't want her hitting the busy street by us leaving her on the porch and I also don't want the house to smell like pee all the time.

So far I am not sure how all the stuff is going to fit beacuse Adam had more than he said he did and I brought more thinking he had less so some of my stuff might have to go back home. I brought all of my scrapbook stuff which I never get to use at my parents house because it is in a little cubby hole and I thought hey I can put it in the walk in closet on the floor by the walls and use it easier, but I am not sure that will happen :-( but we will see. I also have way too many clothes, but I am such a pack rat I never throw any away, even if I don't wear them! I need to get better at that! I am hoping that tonight we can finish picking up the stuff in the living room and kitchen so I can actually cook and walk easier. I finally got all my clothes situated since we don't have a dresser it was really hard. However, my Grandpa said he would make us some furniture if we designed it, came out and helped and drove it home. Which I would love because all my furniture at home was made by him!

Oh so I did make a decision on the dresses! I decided to order the white one with a blue petticoat to give it some color and the black and white one that kinda looks like a pirate barmaid outfit with all white top all white bottom with a white petticoat on the bottom. I intend to send one back and keep the other, although the petticoats can't be sent back. However I had an idea where the black and white can be used for the pictures and the white one can be the rehearsal dinner! But that is if either of them fit me! I love retro dresses!

Oh also my movie Monday was more movie Tuesday this week because we didn't have the TV set up and last night was Night at The Roxbury, which I forgot how funny it was, "And then I was like Emilio!" "It will be the first plant lamp store!" Anyway better get back to work write more tomorrow hopefully! And maybe get my pictures up soon as I get my computer back from my Mom!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving Thrills

Hello all (although right now that is no one! I need to figure out how to get followers?! Any thoughts?)! Anways, it has been a stressful week with trying to get the lease ready on the apartment and to actually get moved into the apartment, which hasn't happened yet! I think one reason why it is so stressful for me is my Mom is out of town and it is my last week at my parents house where I have been for 22 years. So I just wish she was here to help me move and stuff like that, I am definitely glad my Dad is here though! Another thing that I am finding really stressful is making sure we don't go broke while paying for everything! We just paid $450 and then on Wednesday we have to pay the $778 rent! Plus buy grocieries and stuff for the apartment that we don't have. I am just trying to breath and not freak out. Especially since I like to shop around someones and buy myself something every now and then and now I don't think now and then will happen very much :-(. But it is all worth it cause I get to live with the love of my life :-). It would definitely help if I actually got a raise. I mean I have been here for over 1 1/2 years and was supposed to get a review every 6 months but never have!

So last night we got the keys to the apartment! First I get a call while I am at work around 4:50 asking when we are coming by to get the keys, I had told them I would get them after work which was 5:00 the other day. Then she said that they needed our confirmation numbers for our PNM and Gas accounts, which we had given them on Tuesday. But luckily when we got there they had found them. So we got the keys and walked straight over to look at it! Adam had never seen it and I had not seen it since they put new carpet in! The one thing that was not great was that it is right next to the main road and where people come into the apartment complex, however I pointed out that it is nice because our cars are right outside out windows and so we can see them and hear anything going on with them!

We had decided to paint a couple of accent walls to make the place more our own. We went to Home Depot to pick out our colors, it was supposed to just be my choice since I did everything on getting the apartment. Well it was not easy because I hate decisions! We ended up going with three samples a light green, a light blue and a darker blue. We decided to try the green in the bedroom, when we first put it on we did not like it, so we tried the light blue it was not bad, but we decided to try the dark blue it was gross and ugly. Well once they all dried we decided we liked the green in the bedroom so we used up all the sample paint and were going to go get more when we decided what other wall in the living room to paint. The problem is that all the walls connect, what I mean is the living/dining room is one room but can tell the difference by the way the walls are like shaped but they still connect so we would have to paint a huge wall (which wouldn't be bad if we didn't have to buy the apartments paint color when we left which can go up to $85!) or we can paint it weird and hopefully paint a straight line inbetween the two sections. We then thought well maybe the little entrance behind the door and the arch over the hallway, but we didn't know what of the colors to do.

Well we ended up not making it to get paint because Adam decided he should be handy man and take apart the gas fireplace and try and start the pilot but then we read how much it is a month for those! I am not paying that! I will just wait till xmas and turn it on like one day! Then we made it to Walmart and we saw their paint and it was way cheaper! So we thought okay lets look here and we found a blue "winding river" and a light brown "cowboy hat" and thought okay blue in room and brown as the arch. Well when we got back Adam goes but I do like the green. SO today we must decide what paint so we can finsh painting and have it ready to move stuff in Saturday and Sunday. I am hoping to go swimming today! That is one great thing the pool is year roung! I am also hoping to see George the apartment cat that gets walked on a leash everyday around 6 :-).

On top of worrying about money I realized that I really want a vintage dress for our second session of engagement photos but it is between $78-$150 for a dress and I not sure how I can justify it?! :-( Course I have some graduation money that I could use for it, or for a new camera not sure what one I should do?! Here are some of my choices for ones I want. I am torn between them but I think my favorite are the first black and white, the last black and white, the purple one, and the all white one. Any thoughts?! These can all be found at :-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Journey Begins

Hey everyone! So first off I thought I would start out by introducing myself and what I hope to do with this blog! I am a recent college graduate with a Major in history and a minor in political science! I had planned to go to law school but now I am just not sure what I will do. I am taking a year off to plan my wedding to the love of my life! We are getting married June 18, 2011. I am extremely excited! We have the place and the photographer and I think I almost have the dress decided! We just signed a lease yesterday for our apartment! It will be the first time we have lived together and the first time I have ever moved out of my parents house! So it is bittersweet because I am excited to live with my fiance, but I loved living with my parents so it will be sad. Especially since my Mom has been out of town my last week there, but I have been having great Father Daughter time! You may think it is weird that I have never moved out, even during college but I loved it at my house. I am extremely close to my parents and my Mom and I would usually have movie night late at night at least 2 times a week. I am currently a legal assistant, for now, I say for now because I need a raise! I have been here for over a year and a half and have never gotten one!

Anyway, I think that was mainly it. I will add more as the blog progresses about me and my life. My purpose for this blog was to write down my feelings, my everyday happenings, my wedding planning process, trying to start my own business, the newness of living on my own with my fiance, and so much more. I hope that whoever ends up reading this enjoys it and has fun with it. I am going to do my best to keep up with this and write as often as I can! I am going to probably do certain things like Movie Monday where I try and watch a movie or decide on one to watch or something sill like that, but I havent quite got that far yet! 

I was actually quite excited when I came up with the name for this blog! I always have a hard time trying to think up good catchy names and then I thought well I like Dr. Suess a lot so why not Oh The Places You'll Go, because life is a journey and it takes you many places. But then of course it was taken, so then I thought who else did I like to read and I thought Shel Silverstein poems and I loved his Falling Up book, and then it just hit me Oh The Places You'll Go While Falling Up. To me it is like with the journey of life comes a great ride, but sometimes it knocks you off your feet and it almost feels like your Falling Up. Or something like that! Take it as you want!

I know it is not Monday but my movie review for this "Monday" was Salt. My Dad and I went to see it last night and I actually kinda liked it. I am not a big Angelina Jolie fan but I thought this was a pretty good movie. The ending was a little weird but I liked the action and the twist at the near end of it. I also watched Glee for the first time last night with my Dad and I LOVED it! I am not sure why I have never watched it because I love musicals but now I am! I am also in the middle of the 2nd season of True Blood! I think the books are better, but it is still good!

Anyway, tonight we are going to pick out some paint for the new apartment, of course we have to paint it back when we move out and the paint we have to buy from them can cost from $20-$85! I was thinking wonder if they will notice if I just buy my own white paint!?

Here is a good Shel Silverstein Poem!