Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Bonjour All,
It has been a really hectic and stressful for the last 5 or so days! It all started on last Friday when it was my last night at my house. My Dad and I have been having a Father Daughter week because my mom is out of town with my Grandparents because my Grandpa just had surgery. Anyway we have started watching Glee and it has kind of become my Dad and I's show. Anyway so it was a sad night thinking that this would be the last night I would get to use my bath, have dinner with my Dad while watching Glee just the two of us, sleep in my bunk bed that I have had since I was like 5 or 6, cuddle with my cat that I have had since I was 10 (she was my birthday present), the last time I would get to watch a movie on my tv in my room, the last time I would be in my room, the last time I would come home after work to my house and hang out and eat Ramen on my parents bed and watch True Blood, that it would be the last time I would play on my Mom's computer or lay on the comfy couch. Of course my Mom has made me promise to come back and have sleep overs with her, which will mean that I will get to do some of these things, but it is not quite the same.

See when I was little I used to could never do sleepovers because I would get way to homesick and just want to go home. It was embarrassing, but it was how I felt. I always have been close to my parents (and the rest of my family) I would choose hanging out at home with them than going out with friends. Once I got older I was able to do sleepovers, but I would always be happy to come home the next day. So it has been a little difficult to say the least to get adjusted to not living with my parents in the home I have known since I was 6 years old. I have a lot of great memories there. Needless to say last night I about lost it and I think it was beacuse I was tired and stressed and it just all hit me. I just stood in the shower and cried and cried. Everytime I would think about like oh at home I could have done this I got teary eyed. And what made it worse was remember how sad my Dad looked when I drove away after packing all my stuff. It broke my heart a little seeing him like that. Also getting a text from him saying "Who is going to watch Glee with me now?" made me even sadder. Don't get me wrong I love living with my Fiance, but part of me still yearns for home. I was texting my Dad last night and he asked how I was and I said homesick and stressed and he said for me to just hang in there and try to relax and that everything would be all right and that after awhile it would feel more comfortable and more like home. And I said I knew that I just missed him and he just said 'Hang in there Sweet One" which I love reading over and over but it makes me wanna cry too. Which I know it will get better and I think once everything is put away and I have some dishes and stuff I can actually use and walk through the house without tripping it will be a lot better. I just wish it was closer to my parents house, and luckily the lease is only 7 months and I hope by then we can move closer. I am also very happy to be staying in the same state I am not sure how I would do moving out of state. But I know it will get better and that I am just being a baby, but I really do love my family.

In fact when I woke up this morning I told my Fiance I have to go see my Dad and so we are going to dinner over there tonight. This last Saturday and Sunday were pretty stressful because it was moving everything from our houses to the apartment. I have so much stuff trying to figure out what to leave and take was just stressing me out. Of course I can always come back and in fact I can move more when we get a bigger place so that is nice. Anyway so we bring a lot of my stuff over Saturday and we bring the dog. We decide to leave her on the porch while we bring stuff in, Adam goes no she can't jump the fence and guess what I look up and that darn dog has jumped it and is running around. So right now when we leave for work into a kennel she goes because she gets nervous when we leave and she pee's in the house and it is new carpet and I want the deposit back and what not. Adam was not thrilled with the idea and I don't like it either because the last time she was in a cage was the pound, but I also don't want her hitting the busy street by us leaving her on the porch and I also don't want the house to smell like pee all the time.

So far I am not sure how all the stuff is going to fit beacuse Adam had more than he said he did and I brought more thinking he had less so some of my stuff might have to go back home. I brought all of my scrapbook stuff which I never get to use at my parents house because it is in a little cubby hole and I thought hey I can put it in the walk in closet on the floor by the walls and use it easier, but I am not sure that will happen :-( but we will see. I also have way too many clothes, but I am such a pack rat I never throw any away, even if I don't wear them! I need to get better at that! I am hoping that tonight we can finish picking up the stuff in the living room and kitchen so I can actually cook and walk easier. I finally got all my clothes situated since we don't have a dresser it was really hard. However, my Grandpa said he would make us some furniture if we designed it, came out and helped and drove it home. Which I would love because all my furniture at home was made by him!

Oh so I did make a decision on the dresses! I decided to order the white one with a blue petticoat to give it some color and the black and white one that kinda looks like a pirate barmaid outfit with all white top all white bottom with a white petticoat on the bottom. I intend to send one back and keep the other, although the petticoats can't be sent back. However I had an idea where the black and white can be used for the pictures and the white one can be the rehearsal dinner! But that is if either of them fit me! I love retro dresses!

Oh also my movie Monday was more movie Tuesday this week because we didn't have the TV set up and last night was Night at The Roxbury, which I forgot how funny it was, "And then I was like Emilio!" "It will be the first plant lamp store!" Anyway better get back to work write more tomorrow hopefully! And maybe get my pictures up soon as I get my computer back from my Mom!

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