Monday, September 20, 2010

The Update Blog

Hello All,
Well so I know I am behind on my writing! I always think okay I am going to do it today and then nope I don't. So I am going to try and do a quick fill in of what has been happening.

We will have been moved in for about a month this coming weekend. We got all the painting done! I really like the blue color we picked for the bedroom. However, the color we picked for the entrance and wall in the living room I don't like. I mean it is a nice color, but it blends with the other walls so can hardly tell there is even an accent color on it. I am hoping that we can re-paint it a different color.

Most of the stuff is put away in the apartment, but there is still a lot of clutter and it is starting to annoy me! It is hard to fit all of our stuff in here because it is smaller than we both had where we lived before. The walk in closet is crammed full of clothes, games, puzzles, scrapbook stuff and more. The kitchen is another place that is hard to fit everything in because the cabinets are kinda awkward and don't fit what you think they would. So we have just shoved stuff in random places. In the pantry the problem is that it is so deep that if something falls back and it is at the top I can't reach it when it falls back there.

We got our cable and internet set up we were going to use Qwest but they were not very good and didn't tell me how long we had to agree to the deal until after I had set everything up so we canceled. Of course since it came with DirectTV we had to call them directly instead of canceling it through Qwest where we ordered it. Then when I asked Qwest if we would be charged for whatever the fee was for DirectTV the guy proceeded to tell me we had not ordered it from them! So we instead went with Comcast and this deal had a 3 month upgrade to faster internet and HBO. We also get On Demand which is amazing! I have never had it before! We also somehow get the NFL network without even having to pay so that is nice.

I am so thankful for my parents because they have bought so much stuff for us to start out! I feel so greatful! I have enjoyed shopping with my Mom for stuff the apartment needs! We definitely wouldn't have all the stuff we needed without them!

So on the pet update we had to think about getting rid of the dog about 2 times because she would try and attack the other neighbors and bark and growl and whatnot and so we just weren't sure what to do because she had to go outside to use the bathroom. So we had to think about if we needed to find her a different home where she didn't have this problem. However, even though she barks at people she is really friendly with them so for now we are keeping her. She still thinks that she is bigger than all the other dogs so she starts to bark and growl at them which is pretty embarrassing because it seems we have the worst dog here!

Another note on the pet update is that I was having a very difficult time deciding whether or not I should bring my cat I have had since I was about 10 years old. It was really hard for me to leave her and I would have brought her without question, except for the dog. My cat, Tigerlilly, does not like dogs or even other cats and we have both at my parents house but she has a big enough house to get away from them in and they tend to leave her alone. So my parents kept telling me to think about her and not myself and how she would be in a smaller place with a dog that won't leave her alone. So I decided to leave her. So instead we adopted a new kitten last Wednesday. We were not planning on doing it so fast, but we fell in love with her. We had went to the pet adoption place located in our mall for a different kitten but he was not being very friendly and Adam did not want an unfriendly uncuddly cat, so I was kinda sad. But then we found out new kitten, Olive. She was about 2mo old and I had seen her online and she was an option but as soon as I help her she would curl up under my chin, which is what Lilly would do, and just burred and needed and cuddled and she did the same to Adam. So we both fell in love with her and we adopted her! It took us a couple of days to decide on a name, Adam had suggested Pancake and I said Dinah but we ended up liking a name my Mom came up with, Olive. So now the new now 3 mo old kitten is Olive. She is so sweet and funny and playful I love her. Lady is usually pretty nice to her but has snapped at her a couple of times. Olive loves the dog and rubs all over her, she wants to cuddle with her but Lady won't have it. She moves if Olive even lays next to her. One thing about Olive is that she loves needing and suckling on my shirts, hair, sheets, whatever she can find. So I bought her a blankie and she does it on that most of the time, she will start on me and then I move her to there. However, like last night she kept me up all night because she would try and come suckle on me. I am hoping that she does not do this forever.

We had our second set of engagement pictures and I wore the black and white dress that was all white on top and all black on bottom. They both actually fit and I kept them both, but am going to wear the white one to the rehearsal dinner. I think the pictures came out great and can't wait to see them!

Well there was my quick update I will try and write more! See ya!

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