Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Quick Update

Wow i am not doimg a good job at allof keeping up with my blog! My fiance got me a Kindle for Christms and I am loving it! I was not sure at fist what I would think of it because I love reading books so I was not sure how it would be reading on a screen. But it is actually pretty cool. I think  I will still have to read and buy normal books sometimes but I enjoy that you can buy books wheneveryou want. I decided th first book I would read is Water For Elephants so far it is pretty good I am only on chapter three. I also got a history book abouut the creator or architect of the world fair amd also about the serial killer who ued the world fair for his killings. Now I wouldn't usually read about serial killers but I have recently been watching zdexter so I have kind of gotten interested.

 Well the six month countdown to our wedding has started! I definitely feel behind!my mom has finished our save the dates and we are getting ready to send them out!My dress camein bt have to get a different one because there were  a lot of mistakes. i have decided it is also wrkout time because i want nice arms and abs for wedding and honeymoon. So I hope I can make myself do it!

I am out in Tulsa visiting family for Christmas I am very hapy to be out here. I have also been working on my cupcakes and am tryin to start a business. So heres to hoping.

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