Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wee Bit of What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Hello fellow bloggers! Well I have been poked with needles in both arms today :-( sad face let me just tell you I absolutely hate needles! I also believe that my left arm vein the is the best one because it sticks out more so I usually only do that arm. I also make sure they use the butterfly needles, the ones they use on babies :-) I feel they hurt less, at least in my mind. I have this fear that they will miss my vein and hit my bone, why do I think that, because it happened to my mom and she got a nice bruise all the way up and down it so that is my fear! However I have been told my left vein is good. I also tell all the nurses that story in hopes that they know not to nail my bone, in case that wasn't taught in school lol. However, Tricore off San Mateo is by far the best I love them there, as much as I can love people poking me with a needles and stealing my blood. 

I had to get dye injected so I had them do it on my left arm, not knowing later I would be needing blood draw so we would have to do my right arm :-(. So anyway the lady that did the dye injection had a Mickey Mouse wedding ring I loved it! She goes twice a year to WDW so it was nice talking about that while getting poked. Then when I went to get blood draw I think it hurt the worst ever! I think it was cause it was a guy not a girl and he just jabbed it in there, not all sweet and gentle like the other nurses have been. Stupid men! (jk) Anyway so I am a cross between hashymoto (not sure how to spell it) and graves, which is both hypo and hyper thyroid so I now call it gramoto is what I have since it is a cross. The doctor thinks even though I am hyper I will turn hypo eventually like my mom. I can take a pill for now to regulate it but I could be allergic to it or it can make me get really ban infections and apparently my white blood cell count was low in December so we had to test it again, hence the blood drawing. If it is still low I shouldn't take the pills. I could also do nothing but then no soccer or exercising for me :-(. My other option is to do radiation where it will basically kill most of my thyroid and I will eventually become hypothyroid and still have to take medicine but it is all natural and no side effects, I like that. I don't like the radiation factor of it. I would have to be isolated from people for four days, eat with plastic stuff, bag my clothes and sheet separately and wash them separately. So it all hinges on these white blood cell counts! Anyway glad to have one more part over with.

Now on to my blog hops! It is time for my favorite Wee Bit Wednesday over at Leigh Ashley and I also have a new one I absolutely love it is What I'm Loving Wednesday over at This Kind of Love. Go check them out! Hence my blog title! :-)
 1)What was your first job? My first job was actually at McDonalds ha ha but I also helped my mom with her at home business so I am going to vote that was my first job :-).
2) Have you ever seen a stand up comedian? No I have no. I would like to see the Blue Collar Comedy Tour though if I could.
3) When was the last time you played mini golf? Must have been last May on Adam's birthday. The best mini golf is in Disney World :-) it also is a lot more fun when tipsy.
4) What was the last picture you took? Ha ha I took one last night of our kitten Olive sitting in my bath as I was filling it up with water. I had to start all over when she got out.
5) Burnt food: yes or no? No way! I have to scrap off the burnt parts.
6) If you have a pocket full of change, what do you do with it? Put it in my wallet. I must always save my shiny pennies for when I go to DisneyWorld and do their coin machines, which means I also must save my quarters.
7) Can you touch your tongue to your nose? I can't remember let me try...yup I still can!
8) Do you scrapbook? Yes! I love to scrapbook! That is when I get the chance. I also love buying scrapbook stuff, I have way too much. Then of course I never want to use it cause it is too cute!
9) Do you buy lottery tickets? Every once in a while.
10) Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it? I actually like doing both. Course not when I look like poo.

I'm Loving that in less than three months now I will be married to the man of my dreams!

I'm Loving that in less than three months we will be on our way to Universal Studios and Walt DisneyWorld!
I'm Loving that I don't have to have surgery on my thyroid.

I'm Loving that I have the best family and friends in the world! 
I'm Loving that the work week is now half over :-)! 

I'm Loving Adam <3 <3! 
Well guys that is all for now! I will write more soon! See Y'all!


  1. Hi Rach! I'm a new follower! Awww, love that you are getting married! (I'm a mom of 3, married for 15 years!) :)

  2. Great things that you are loving today!!!