Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Sorry!

Hey guys! Whoever is still left! I am sooooo sorry I have been absent it has been one crazy week! Let me just say I am ready for the weekend and a drink! Good new soccer starts Sunday! I love soccer and it helps keep me in shape, of course it also gives me an awful shinguard/farmers tan that I can't have for the wedding! Anyway first game is against Septic Unicorns it was an intense game last time lets see how it is this time! 

We picked our cake lay for the wedding. I think she will do good she is a at home baker but she does really great fondant work so I am pretty happy. Plus it saved us some money. We are going to have some Disney theme to our cake, but in an elegant way! So I am pretty excited about that! Have had some stress getting it all done because another couple wanted our day so it was yet another quick decision. You would think after the cake that most of our big stuff would be done, which maybe most of it is but I still feel super stressed! Trying to figure out this honeymoon is about to drive me insane, I can't fit the trip into the price that his parents gave us and that is because it is Disney and June those two together = MOST EXPENSIVE TIME TO GO! Lucky us because all the awesome deals either end right before or start right after we are there. Well so I have been doing it so many different ways and getting confused and stressed on what to do if we don't have enough from his parents to cover it or not! So that is one thing. We finally I think have the pictures narrowed down for our signature guest book that I need to get turned into the photographer. We...well we were supposed to but it got down to just me going to David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses with Adam's flower girl and finally pick one out since she grew and we couldn't do the one I wanted, however I do like the one we ended up picking it is cute. So then that was done, got the flower pins ordered for the girls dress, my alteration appointment set up, and texted my cousin for the other flower girl to inform her of the dress. Then on top of it I added another MOH to the wedding and then we added Adam's sister and her husband to the wedding party as a bm and a gm and then I added my cousin as a junior BM and then we have my other two cousins as ushers. So there somehow I have managed to almost fit everyone in the wedding somehow! Now we still need to register, send out invites, we need to do food testing, make place cards, programs, pick out favors, gifts, adams gift, our rings, the officiant, decorations, cake flavor and design, shoes, honeymoon, tan, get in shape, try out hair, pick out music, learn dance, write vows, omg and I am sure more so I am stressing the f out! Truly! Now this doesn't mean I don't love it I do but it is stressful!

On top of wedding stuff find out yesterday that our rent is going up to $823. Now we have a small one bedroom apartment where the hot water doesn't last long in the shower, where you have to park way in the middle of nowhere to park and I just think that is a little outrageous and if we go month to month it is $939! First off I could hardly afford out $778 rent! I really need to make more money, especially since I have a BA degree! But on top of thinking great now I have to somehow pay more rent all I can think of is I need to buy his ring, save up for bach party in vegas, save money for spending money for honeymoon, save up enough money to pay rent when get back from honeymoon since won't be getting paid for my time off for honeymoon. Not to mention groceries, gas, and life. I am just feeling the stress. And then of course I just sitting here complaining which I am sure is really what you guys were wanting to hear right! Oh well it will work out somehow! In the meantime I am going to be stressed and ready for a nice glass of alcohol this weekend, if not more than one!

Good new bridal shower in 1 week 2 days! Another good news get to see my moose brother in 1 week 2 days! 

I really need to work out! I had been doing so good for awhile! I just am never motivated to work out at home it just stinks! 

I realized last night just how much Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies! It really is! I love it! I love Julia Roberts, not to mention those hot sexy thigh high boots I have wanted my whole life and then I have to admit I think Richard Gere is a sexy man. Anyway I told Adam that should be our Halloween costume, he the sexy business man and me the hooker turned classy although not sure I could pass up wearing the sexy boots! Anyway Julia Roberts has a pretty good toned body in that movie so maybe if I continuously watch it or something I will be motivated to work out. I mean I really do want to be in shape I just have no motivation! 

Well I guess I should stop for now! I will try and write another one tonight if possible and I not having a panic attack curled up on the floor crying ha ha! Anyway I joined up with Thursday Blog Hop at Every Day Products and More! You should check it out! I am sad that I missed my wee bit of me Wednesday blog hop! I still might answer the questions though for fun! 

Oh on a P.S. note I have read 5 of my 25 books to read this year goal, I am thinking slight chance can do more but with the wedding I am not sure. I finished The Emperor's Tomb, which is not one I typically read but I really enjoyed it! I will be reading the rest of the series, and in order this time. I am starting The Boleyn Inheritance by Phillipa Gregory she is great you should check her out. I also need to finish my  Sookie novels and also the Bride Quartet novels by Nora Roberts, but that will have to wait till I have money! Adios for now!

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