Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Bloggin Time!

Hey Guys! Hope you like the new background/theme/design whatever it is for my blog I really do. In fact that is why I changed my usual purple type to this dark red to match it! Sorry haven't blogged much stressful times with the thyroid and all. I do my radio iodine treatment on Friday and will be radioactive for about 3-4 days. My doctor told me I could still go outside (thank goodness not sure how I could lay in bed for three full days), she even said I could go to a store but had to stay 6ft away from people. And I was thinking wait 1) how do you check out then? 2) how can you stay 6ft away from people at all times besides wearing a sign that says I am radioactive stay away or wearing a hazmat suit 3) how many people at the store are actually radiating!? I mean come on you have to think it now when a dr. tells me I can go to the store while I am radiating. Anyway I am really hoping my eyes don't bug out, that is one thing that can happen. I think I would just go into super depressed mode and not sure how I would get out of it. However, if I gained a super power say I don't know the ability to fly, invisibility or hulk strength (without the green) then I might be okay with it as long as no harmful side effects from the new found power. 

Anyway so if I don't blog much this weekend it is because I am radiating and am not feeling my hottest. Not to mention that my hyperthyroid will get worse before better, so that freaks me out a little, mainly because of my heart. But I will certainly be glad when this is over and also, I just want to be normal and play soccer and work out and now worry about getting my heart rate too high. Also, fingers crossed I don't gain weight on the steroid I have to take with this. 

To top it all off my fiance, Adam, had to go on a work trip and left today so I am all alone without him. Now this may seem silly to some but we have hardly been apart for so long. And it is not like he is just at a friends house hanging out, he is in another state entirely. Not to mention he comes back Friday, but I won't be there to welcome him home because I will be in confinement at my parents house in my room away from everyone I could contaminate until Sunday so basically I don't get to see him from today till Monday :-(. He said he would come over but then I have to just stay 6ft and say hi, how lame is that. 

Oh well on to Wee Bit Wednesday! Yay! So excited this one has a Disney question!!

1) If you won a trip to Disneyland/World, who would you take with you?I would take Adam, my Mom and Katie :-)
2) When was the last time you listened to a CD? If it counts that I made myself an MP3 CD for my car so I could use it easier than my IPOD then just yesterday. If an actual CD at a store that I bought about a week or two ago.
3) What spice/seasoning is your favorite? Garlic, I am definitely a garlic girl. I put it on so much stuff! Yum!
4) If you were in a band, what kind of music would you play? Probably country or alternative. Those are my favorite. I don't think I could do pop but then again I dunno so maybe Pop also.
5) If you could have personally witness one historical event, which one would it be? Wow this is a hard question for a history nerd! Hmmmm I would like to have witnessed the Salem Witch Trials, I know this seems weird but I would have liked to see the court back then and how it all went down. Now I have tons of historical events I would have wanted to witness so this was a hard question.
6) If you could go back to school, what would you study? I would probably continue my ancient history classes, or I would do business.
7)  If you could go to one sporting event, all expenses paid, which one would you see? The super bowl hands down! It would be a lot of fun, plus it is the most expensive.
8) Do you drive an automatic or a manual? I drive an automatic.
9) Are you comfortable speaking in front of people? Sometimes, I took a public speaking class so that helped. I am nervous at first then I calm down.
10) Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Indeed I have! Funny story too! My two cousins and I were at DisneyLand staying at one of their resorts. We were near the top floor. We had just ordered our room service and it had just arrived, we were watching a ghost story or something like that on TLC or whatever and it said give us a sign you are here. Then our room started shaking (perfect timing huh!) We all three just stood there for a sec going okay what the heck is there a ghost in the room then it clicked and we were like omg its an earthquake and then we were like but our food is so warm do we really have to leave lol. We did eventually leave but reluctantly and then all the rides got shut down for a few minutes.

Now it is time for What I'm Lovin' I really like this blog hop :-).

I'm Lovin' that in 80 days I will be getting married to this handsome man! 

I'm Lovin' that all my bridesmaids, flower girls, maid of honors and junior bridesmaid have all ordered their dresses!

I'm Lovin' that in 81 days we will be on a plane to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios for our Honeymoon!

I'm Lovin' that I have got about 4 days of dining reservations for hour honeymoon figured out!

I'm Not Lovin' that Adam left for a work trip today and that on Friday I am doing my radio iodine treatment (I hope I get to read a lot!)

I'm Lovin' that Tangled came out yesterday and Adam and I got to watch it! 

Anyway I think that is about it for today! Hope you all enjoyed! Hope I get some new followers! I also hope I get to bake some cupcakes soon! Course if I am radioactive no one can eat them :-(. See y'all later!


  1. 80 days until your wedding! So exciting! Try to enjoy EVERY moment. It will fly by :)

  2. Hi there! New follower here (found you through the WILW link up). The next 80 days are going to FLY by! Where at WDW are you staying for your honeymoon? My hubby and I honeymooned in Disney in 2009 and it was such an AMAZING experience! We're celebrating our second wedding anniversary there in May too (staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge!).

  3. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

  4. TanaLicious :-) we are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside, have you ever stayed there before? Really that is so awesome! Where did you stay on your honeymoon?!