Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Time For Wee Bit of Me Wednesday!

Hey guys it is Wednesday and you know what that means...
Wee Bit Wednesday Leigh Ashley so go on over and check it out! It has to be 
one of my favorite blog hops out there! So scurry on over there right now!

1) Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?
Yes I always make sure I have it on before I start driving. Don't want to go flying out the window.
2) Do you crack your knuckles?
No I hate when people crack them! I pop my ankles and toes all the time though ha ha!
3) What is your favorite flavor of gum?
4) What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
That would most definitely have to be my beautiful engagement ring from my Adam :-).
5) Who is your best friend?
Katie my moose brother and Jamee.
6) What is your favorite smell?
My mom's cooking, especially fried potatoes or beans. 
7) What is your favorite lunch meat?
Black forest ham, and I honestly only eat one lunch meat. I am very picky eater.
8) Do you still have your tonsils?
Yes I do. Even though I used to get sore throats and strep a lot they kept them in.
9) Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Nope I just slip them off. 
10) What color is your car? 
Dark Blue with white racing stripes, it is a Mustang :-). Love my car. Of course it just got it's 
first window crack yesterday driving on the freeway something hit it. I am pretty
upset because it looks really ugly now lol. The window not the car, although
the car is in need of a washing.
Well guys that is all for now I have some stuff I need to finish up! Talk to you soon!


  1. love your background! found you from wee bit!

  2. Nice post. I'm glad you always wear your seatbelt. So do I.

    New follower from Monday blog hop.

  3. hello newest follower