Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy Tuesday!

So I haven't done an Etsy blog post in awhile so I thought I would do one today. However, I have been looking at everyone's blogs and there are tons of pregnant women (congrats to you all:-)!) and with these blogs come awesomely decorated nurseries, which I hope some day I can make mine just as awesome, cute clothes organizer based on ages, cute clothes, etc. So I decided why not look up baby stuff on Etsy you know just for future reference. I mean come on we women all have those days where we have baby fever on the mind, even though one I do not want to have a baby yet and two I can't because of my thyroid treatment but it doesn't mean I can't think about it. I mean I have always been writing my favorite baby names down since forever! Anyway here are some that I found! 

1) How cute are these little elephant wall decals! If you go to surfaceinspired you will find many other cute wall decals for nurseries!

2) Now I had to pick this cute framed "you are my sunshine" imagine just because this is my grandma and I's song! I would love to have it in the kids nursery! Go check it out here sugarfresh and look at the other framed signs!

3) He he I thought this was so cute! Maybe I can make myself one some day! Check it out here evansroom!

4) Here are those adorable baby clothes closet organizers! I love them! I will definitely be getting me some of these when I am pregnant! There are so many different designs out there! Check these out here Farmhousefive!

5) I think this is such a cute idea! I would love to do this for my kids name hanging in their nursery! Check it out here NelsonsGifts !

Well that is all I am going to do for now hope you enjoyed my random baby nursery Etsy finds!

So as I was rummaging around for some new blogs to read I came across one that took me to Polyvore.com which I had never been to! It is where you can create different fashion template type things. It is actually a lot of fun so I decided to give it a while. Here is my Date Night In Lace that I designed. It is not that great but hey it was my first attempt. You should check it out! 

Well I better get going now! I will write more later or tune back in tomorrow for Wee Bit Wednesday and What I'm Lovin' Wednesday blog hops!!!

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  1. Very Cute! I love Etsy! I have a few Etsy posts that I need to post soon!