Monday, April 11, 2011

I Can't Drink What...For How Long?!

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you all! I hope your week is starting out good! Mine started out with a pretty sleepless night feeling like I was going through menopause with this stupid steroid I am taking! Not even kidding I was sweating like crazy and could not cool down and was having headaches come and go and all three of the animals were crowding me so I felt like I was trapped between them and Adam. Then whenever I would finally fall asleep I would snap back awake or have some extremely strange dreams. Seriously this steroid has to be making me have some vivid dreams. I mean I have dreamed my dog was a pet white tiger and I could hug him and whatnot and he lived in a forest. Then yesterday when I took a nap I dreamed of hookers, not even kidding! I am not sure how these pop into my head but I would really like to go back to normal dreams that I have only every once in a while. 

Anyway so on to the title of my blog, I was told by the doctor last week that I have to stop drinking sweet tea for three weeks to see if it is the tea or my thyroid that is speeding up my heart. Well let me say this I have been drinking sweet tea since I was a baby so I don't think it is the main reason for the heart speed up, seeing that it never happened before. I will agree that it is probably the tea mixed with the excess hyper active thyroid I now am having but truly I can't drink sweet tea for three weeks?! I am not sure how I will survive! I don't think people understand how much I love sweet tea! It is like my drug! I was going nuts after not drinking it just for one day! So I have decided that maybe I should try decaffeinated tea, which will not compare to my normal tea but it is better than nothing right?! Oh sweet tea how I miss you so I can't wait till the day I can drink you again. 

I am very excited to announce that I have found not one but three little black dresses for my bachelorette party in Vegas! Now it may come as a shock  to some of you that I in my 23 years of life have never owned a little black dress! It was because I could never find one! And then low and behold on Saturday with my Mom I found three! I know I didn't really need three but come on it took me this long to find one why not have three! Besides one is classier so I can wear to nice restaurants and one is definitely only for Vegas wearing and the other can be also a nicer one. Anyway I am extremely excited about them! Yay!!! I also believe I have found my wedding shoes! I will post a picture when I am for sure! 

It has been awhile since I have reviewed a movie so I decided to do some catching up today! I watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night with my parents and Adam. I was pleasantly surprised! I thought the cousin Eustace was a great character, meaning I think the guy did a great job at being annoying like the cousin was supposed to be. I was sad that Suzanne and Peter were not in it at all, even though that is how it is in the book. I was also surprised that Prince Caspien was the same actor!! I am not sure it is my favorite of the Narnia series but I definitely enjoyed it and thought the directing was very good. I also was really sad because now Edmund and Lucy can't go back so it is only the annoying cousin ha ha. Oh well still definitely worth watching. Now one movie not worth watching Your Highness, OMG truly how that movie made it to theaters I am not sure. It was not funny in the least and Adam and I could not sit through the whole thing! I am not sure how they got James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschunel (however you spell it) to even star in it! Truly worst movie I have ever seen. So we switched to watching The Lincoln Lawyer instead, yes I did sneak in to one but come on I paid an ourtrageous price on Your Highness because it was in the XD theater so I wanted my moneys worth. Anyway The Lincoln Lawyer was surprisingly good! I liked that Matthew McConahey (once again spelling) played a totally different role then he has played before he did a good job. Definitely worth seeing. 

I have decided to start Bed of Roses the second book in the Bridal Quartet series by Nora Roberts. So far it is great! I love the silly romantic gushy type of books. It makes you almost feel like you are the girl in the book and going through your first true love romance all over again. It is so cute! Can't wait to finish it! Truly a great series!

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Top 2 Drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
1) Well my number one drink happens to be the drink I am not allowed to have for three weeks!!! Sweet Tea! I usually have 2 glasses a day! I know it is not the healthiest but I don't drink coffee or soda so I vote I am allowed my glasses of sweet tea. Except for the doctor thinking it makes my heart beat too fast with the thyroid thing! How will I survive for three weeks! Well I guess I could switch to decaffeinated tea :-(. Le sigh! 

2) On the top of my alcoholic drinks I would have to say a White Russian is my top choice, although a rum and coke comes in a close second. I honestly wanted to try one from watching The Big Lebowski and after I tried it I was hooked! I loved them and if I do say so myself I am great at making them! YUM! Course it is also a drink I am not allowed to have until my thyroid is under control, that includes all alcohol. Better be better by the time of my bachelorette party! 

Anyway that is all for now folks! See Y'all later!


  1. eep! three weeks will go by really quickly, though! it'll be okay! :D

  2. Sweet Tea=s LoVE! There is nothing better!

  3. Kristin-I sure hope so! It been too long already ha ha!

    Beth-You speak the truth there! :-)

  4. Literally the worst thing!! I gave up sweet tea for lint and I'm sure if I can do it you can too!! I'll be prayin for ya!!

  5. I love sweet tea!!

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    Have a Happy Wednesday and a blessed rest of the week! :0)

  6. Thanks Sarah Beth! Ha ha well that gives me hope then! :-)

    Jessica-Thank you so much! I will definitely be checking out both your blogs :-) and become a follower! Please follow me if aren't already! :-)