Tuesday, April 19, 2011

T2T Tuesday!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't written. I feel like I am in a writing funk and a life funk right now :/ le sigh. I will get over it and I am hoping some of the feeling of funk is my thyroid making me feel this way. I can definitely start telling the difference my thyroid is making on me. I feel like am going through menopause with these random hot flashes that I get. Adam is always like are you hot and when I ask why he says that I am warm when he touches me. I feel like sometimes I could just sit down and cry at the dumbest thing. Things stress me out super easily now. I get irritable really easily. I can't sleep as well because I feel restless and because of the steroid. I am hating that I can't work out or do anything because my heart starts beating fast. I am not on steroids, plus beta blockers because my heart is beating fast and those keep you awake as well. I am constantly monitoring my heart beat to see if the beta blockers are even working! Oh and then I get all depressed on the most random things. Sorry for my big list of complaints that is just my mood I am in. Don't even get me started about how I am feeling about my job right now with this thyroid! Oh and wonderful steroid headaches that I am constantly getting.

I had my check up with my Dr. on Friday, it actually went pretty good. She said my heart was faster than she thought it would be (hence the beta blockers) but that my eyes looked great (yay no bug eyes!) and that within a month my thyroid should be back to normal and then it will go hypo on me. She did promise that in time for Katie's 21st and for my Vegas bachelorette party I will be able to have a drink. Still no tea unless it is decaff though but that shouldn't be too much longer. In a month I go and get my blood drawn (yay...said with sarcasm) and then go back and see how it is going. So all in all the Dr. went pretty good. 

I am so excited this weekend I went to Hobby Lobby with my Mom, has to be one of my favorite stores that my mom and I should never be allowed into! Anyway they were have half off of like EVERYTHING! Very dangerous! Anyway I found the gifts I am going to give my BMs and my MOHs I am so excited! I love their gifts! It was hard not to buy everything in the store! 

The two month countdown has started yesterday for the wedding! I can't believe it! In two months from yesterday I am going to be getting married!!!!!!!!!! :-). Still lots to do though and it is one of the things that is stressing me out. And then when I stress about it and tell Adam what needs to be done he thinks I am extremely overreacting and then it annoys him. Boys!! 

Anyway, I am linking up with The Undomestic Momma  for her T2T blog hop! Go check it out now! 

Today's T2T topic is things you collect! Now this is going to be a tough one for me since I am always finding things to collect!

1) Disney Traditions these are one of my favorite things to collect! I truly have to have them all at some point in my life! They are amazing! They are by Jim Shore and I just can't get enough of them! Here is an example of one of them! I just keep collecting them! And if people ask me what to get me for something I say well why not a Disney Tradition! Of course some of the real cool ones aren't cheap so I have to wait on those! And others are discontinued but I will find them one day I say!

2) Goodness how do I decide on my second one! I would say Movies because I have thousands and I always go buy them on Tuesday when they are on sale at Walmart! But I have cut back some on that so I am going to say Scrapbook stuff! I LOVE scrapbook stuff! I always stock up on it and then am afraid to use it! I am so weird like that. I mean I know I can buy more but still! I don't know what I do that! I do that with clothes too! I won't throw the ones away I don't wear! But ya ask Adam our closet is lined all along the bottom in piles of scrapbook stuff! And I am never satisfied there is always more to buy! 

Anyway that is all for now! Will write more tomorrow! See Y'all later! Any ideas on a fun blog post I could do?! Please suggestions for my funk?!

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