Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun is Shining and It is Wednesay!

It is that time of the week again...yes you guessed is time for Wee Bit Wednesday!!!! Yay!

1) How often do you do laundry? At random times, I never seem to have a set day, but usually the weekend or beginning of the week. I hate doing laundry!
2) What is your favorite type of cookie? That would probably have to be either chocolate chip or the double chocolate one I used to get at this great cookie place in the mall! Then of course all good things end and they closed.
3) What would you do with an extra $2000 a month? I would freak out about not having enough money less and not be afraid to spend in on the little things that make me happy haha. I would start taking dance and a workout class and start up piano and do fun things. And then put some of it in savings. Oh oh actually I would move out of our apartment to someplace better :-).
4) What was/is your favorite subject in school? That is pretty easy since I majored in it, History, and not just any history ancient history, I hate US history it is too recent and too many wars.
5) Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? Indeed I have! It was a lot of fun! Little scary but definitely a great experience. Of course living in the state with the balloon fiesta I would hope I have!
6) What was your highschool mascot? Our highschool mascot was a bobcat.
7) If you had the chance to go into space, would you? I am not sure, I know it would be cool but then I think of the weird feeling with the atmosphere being different and oh I don't know blowing up on return into Earth so I am not sure. I don't think so.
8) How often do you go dancing? Pretty much never, which makes me very sad because I love to dance. But sadly Adam is not so much of a fan of dancing. So never. I do hope to take a dance class again though. I dance at home sometimes!
9) Would you rather drive or fly? I guess I would rather fly because you get their faster. However, sometimes I think you know the people that are on planes that crash don't think they are going to be the ones to crash and do and I hope and pray I am not next. So then I think okay driving is better. I actually like driving better in a way because you can stop and see different things as you go and what not. But that drive home is the worst!
10) Have you ever been caught re-gifting? Nope, and that is because I don't re-gift. At least not yet anyway ;-).

Yay for that! Now it is time for.....yup you guessed right again folks What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!!!!! Go link up if you haven't already! (I can't get the button at the moment but when I can I will add it!)

I'm Lovin' that I got my 8 wedding girls and myself's heair appointments made on the wedding day and a trial run scheduled for me on April 30th! Time to start picking out hair!

I'm Lovin' that I got my dress altered and that I have decided on my final shoe selection that I will be wearing for the whole night and they are ladies and gentlemen drum roll please....

yup I picked the tennis shoes all the way! My heels were hurting just standing there doing alterations so I decided it's my wedding day I need to be comfy and tennis shoes are so me. My mom likes it because it keeps mine and Adam's height different. Adam was actually really exited! :-) yay!

I'm Lovin' that this Sunday is Easter and we get to dye eggs! I will never be to old to dye Easter eggs!

I'm Lovin' that I got almost all of my BMs and MOHs gifts this weekend! I love them! I can't wait to give it to them!

I'm Lovin' this gorgeous weather we have been having! I finally got to wear a dress today! With my sexy cowgirl boots of course! I am trying to branch out on my fashion this year!

I'm Lovin' that with my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby I got this cute Wilton Tip Set! Yay! Now I can decorate all sorts of things!
Master Tip Set
I'm Lovin' that the two month countown for my wedding to the man of my dreams has begun starting this last Monday the 18th! Lots to do but very excited!

Well guys that is all for now! See Y'all later! Hopefully I will be seeing some new faces on my followers after today :-).

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    Great things you are loving today!