Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yay for Wednesday!

Alright guys I need your help before I post my usual Wednesday blog hop! So I definitely hope someone is reading my blog today to give me some advice! So I have found these two tennis shoes/skate shoes whatever you want to call them. Anyway, I want to wear them at my wedding. I haven't decided if it is going to be tennis shoes all the way or heels then switched into tennis shoes. Now I would spruce them up a bit like order my color of ribbon and use that as the shoe laces but anyway so here are my two choices so please let me know what you think! It would be much appreciated! :-)

Option 1 (not sure why such a huge space but oh well!) Anyway I like this one because it is dark purple and black and my colors are sangria (a reddish purple and black) so I like it. Now I am not going for some typical shoe for the wedding I want something cool.
Option 2 I like this one because it is white (weddingy) and purple (my color). So I am torn between these two. I really like them both and am tempted to order both and then see which looks better with the dress but it would be nice if I didn't have to send one back. Anyway so thoughts PLEASE!!! 

Now then on to Wee Bit Wednesday blog hop! So excited been waiting all week for this one! :-)
1) Have you ever fainted? No I have not, thank goodness!
2) What is your favorite casino game? (he he not gonna lie for some reason Monty Python popped into my head hear with the old bridge guy saying what is your favorite color...okay random thought done) Well I really like Texas Hold Em' at home ha ha at the actual casino then slots, my favorite as of now is Hoot Loot ha ha.
3) Do you have a good sense of direction? I guess sometimes, however I hate when people give directions and say go West here and then South here and then North there and what not because okay I am not great at directions unless I can see the mountains, however I have progressively got better at knowing them now.
4) Laptop or desktop? I would have to say I like my laptop because it is portable, but sometimes I really think working on a desktop is easier because you have a hard surface and a mouse.
5) What is your go-to hairstyle when having a bad hair day? Well if it is my bangs they are pulled back with a clip either on the side or straight back into a little poof. If it is my hair it is either straightened fast or if doesn't work then a pony tail or messy bun.
6) Do you read the newspaper on a daily basis? Nope I don't. In fact I never read it. However I do check Comcast news daily and PerezHilton daily for my gossip ha ha. Except now I might get Sunday's paper just for coupons :-).
7) Do you have a favorite celebrity chef? No not really, I do know what one I don't like Bobby Flay I am so over him. I guess if had to chose does Julia Childs count ha ha.
8) What TV Show would you like to make a guest appearance on? I would have to say Friends, if it was still running of course. But since it is over I would have to say Glee!
9) Do you have satellite radio in your car? Nope just the radio, some CD's and my Ipod.
10) What was the last movie that made you cry? Oh goodness let's see um I am sure it was something silly because of my thyroid I am so emotional I cry at silly commercials. I honestly can't remember!!! 

Now it is on to What I'm Lovin' blog hop! Yay!! :-)

I'm Lovin' that I got the carriage ride for Adam and I set up in DisneyWorld for our honeymoon! :-)

I'm Lovin' that Harry Potter came out yesterday and I am going to go buy it tonight! :-)

I'm Lovin' that I got to have a date night with Adam over the weekend! 

I'm Lovin' that I found me some cute heels or the wedding or just for whenever! 

I'm Lovin' that I finally found me not one but 3 little black dresses for Vegas and just for life in general! It took me 23 years (okay a little less I guess when I was 5 I wasn't looking for one) to finally find them! 

Well that is all for now guys! I hope you all enjoy! And I hope I get some new followers! :-) See Y'all later! 


  1. Ooh Friends is such a great choice of show to guest star on! That would be so fun!!

    Thanks for stopping by/following my blog! Yours is so cute!

    In answer to your question, I take a thinner flatiron (it's about an inch and a half wide), straighten each bunch of hair until I get about an inch from the ends. Then I sort of curl it up a bit as I run the straightener through it. I have layers, so I do each layer at a time. It comes out cute enough for such a quick 'do.. I'll have to post a picture sometime.. I'm not good at explaining, hehe!

  2. i really like the second pair! i think the white would be really good with your dress - have you thought about bedazzling them at all? to make them more "wedding-y"? :) i love gems!

  3. Sam-Thanks for checking mine out! I am so glad you did! Thanks so much on the hair tip! I am going to have to try this!!!

    Kristin-I had thought about somehow sprucing them up but didn't think about bedazzling them! I like that idea though! Good idea! Thanks for your opinion on the shoes :-)!

  4. love the purple and white shoe it is our school colors here I love my laptop as well come see how I answered the questions @

  5. Ok! I love the 2nd option. The whiter ones are my favorite and the purple would pop a bit more! What a funky idea. I had HOT Pink heels in my wedding! Love COLOR!

  6. Shopannies-Thanks so much! I will definitely hop on over and check out your answers!

    Dana & Ryan-Thanks so much! Really!!! That is awesome! I bet it looked great with the white! :-)