Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Hop Thursday & Etsy Finds Combined!

Hey guys! Yay it is Thursday just one more day till Friday and then the weekend! So last night was dinner with Adam's Mom. It was the first time we had been to her new house, since we helped her paint it. It was a lot of fun! We had a great dinner of some yummy chicken and salmon! We got to talk about the wedding and the we got to look through some boxes of stuff she didn't want and we found some awesome things! Of course we have to leave them there because we have no room in our small apartment but we have them waiting for us when we get a bigger place! So something to look forward to! Trust me I am always looking forward to it, especially a bigger kitchen!!! Then we also found some of Adam's old boxes that had his money collection that he just had to get his hands on because it had pesos in it. He claims some homeless guy gave him a bag with a bunch of pesos in it, we both thought he was a little crazy lol. I mean come on when you were little would you take a bag from a homeless guy?! Then we also found some of his old school work and awards! It was cute! I said we could make it into a scrapbook! 

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So I thought that I would do another version of my Etsy finds! And today's theme is going to be all about weddings! Yes last time I didn't have a theme but this time I do :-). 

 So I know you are probably thinking how is this wedding? Well in my mind imagine you want a vintage wedding or say you want a circus themed wedding or carnival or just something
different to have at your wedding I would say this is it. 
I mean why not slip it into your invites and then people can bring this with them to the wedding as a way to get in or something. This can be found at Vintagebliss!
I thought this was such a cute idea! This can be found at Bosheree08! 
 Not gonna lie I kinda wanna do this at my wedding now! I want to have these props at my tables with a digital camera and then people can take pictures! I mean what
a great idea right?! They can be found here Funny Side of Life!
I just think these are so adorable and such a great idea to hang on the back of the 
bride and groom chair! Check them out and more here ArmyMOMOfTwins!
Okay first thing I thought of when I saw this is Pheobe in Friends telling Ross that Rachel is her Lobster! 
Sometimes Adam and I say that to each other! It is adorable!
Garden4Arts has so many cute cake toppers!

Okay those are all for now! I want to save more for my Etsy wedding part too sometime! Of course how can you run out of Etsy stuff to like?! Well off I go! Tonight we are eating dinner with my parents :-)!


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