Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey guys! Wow I am soooooo sorry it has been a week since I updated! YIKES! I didn't think it had been that long! It seems like it went by so fast! Maybe because I was super busy! Anyway once again my apologies I will try and get back on track here! 

Let's see what to fill you in on! Well first off Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you get to spend it full of love and having fun with loved ones, whether they be significant others, friends, family or whoever! Today is a day of love! I especially love this time of the month because a year ago on February 13th Adam proposed to me! I love that he did it the day before Valentine's Day because it was unexpected and also because then our day is just our day it is not our day and Valentine's Day! So no we have two days to celebrate. This year for our celebration we decided to mainly celebrate on Saturday since we wouldn't have work on Sunday morning. Anyway Adam surprised me with renting a room at the Mariott Pyramid where we spent the night the night he proposed to me :-). I was so excited! I think we should make it a tradition! So we got semi dressed up and went to dinner at PF Changs. Then we came back to the hotel room and got in our PJ's and then we rented a movie and had a couple of drinks and ate some Doritos, yes Doritos those chips are addicting. I swear they put something in them! Anyway we decided to rent Life As We Know It. That new know with Katherine Hiegel (sp?) and Josh Duhmal (sp?). Anyway it was pretty cute and funny, of course the first part was sad. The guy in the beginning is from the series Perfect Couples and if you have not watched it you definitely should it is great! If you have On Demand start from the beginning. Truly go do it NOW! Anyway so after that we just talked and cuddled and flipped through the TV channels. I made him a cute gift basket for his present. I went to Walmart that day and it was a ZOO I was so annoyed by the time I had left! I couldn't find the perfect stuffed animal at first for him and was going to just go with two small ones but then I found the cutest light brown, soft monkey with a cute brown and cream ribbon with hearts and a heart that said Kiss. He was mine the moment I saw him! He was the only one so I snatched him up! I also got him some Root Beer From Around The World at Cost Plus World Market, they have so many awesome things there! Plus I found him some Tootsie Rolls that have the messages on the wrapper like the valentine hearts because he loves those. Then found him some cookie dough peanut butter bites which he likes cookie dough so hopefully they will be good! Then I also found some Minnie and Mickey chocolate hearts! Of course had to go the Disney route somewhere in there! Then I got him a cute pop out card! 

Anyway the night was a great night! In the morning we had a free breakfast buffet and ate that and then came home. Adam decided to get into cleaning mode so we got a good part of the house clean but still some to go! Then we tried to watch Atlantis 2 but the sound didn't burn on the disc :-(. So then we watched We're Back, have any of you seen it? Good cartoon kids movie I loved it when I was little. Then as we were out of Bewitched to watch as we went to sleep we watched a Disney Christmas Carol, that was Adams choice :-).

Here are a couple pictures from our evening at the Mariott. 

 Isn't that Monkey so adorable! Oh ya I also got him a beer glass with a monkey on it to go with the theme lol. Adam has always wanted a helper monkey! 
I love the fake rose petals he threw on the bed and my little bear and yummy chocolates! Those rose petals were like magnetic! You laid down and got up it was like rose hair on you! 

Anyway I am going to try and get back on my posting schedule and hopefully post for Tasty Tuesday tomorrow! Night night all! Time to watch Serendipity with my fiance for Valentine's Day! :-)

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