Friday, February 4, 2011

The Weekend Is Here!

Hey guys! Hope you all have lots of fun planned for the weekend! Let's see I don't have much planned minus that it is superbowl weekend and I am excited even though I don't really care much about either team but I like watching football plus I am hoping for some pretty awesome commercials of course! 

I realized after watching a couple episodes of glee with my parents that I really miss dancing! And on top of that the girl who plays Brittany is soooo fit and I want her stomach! I have been wanting to start taking dance lessons again and I am hoping to still! I just need to save up some money since it is not free! I also always seem to remember after watching Glee how much I love to sing! Course not in front of people but by my self, in the shower, in the car, and if Adam is lucky then in front of him! 

So on the note that I picked my florist the other day, I actually kind of got into a little fight or word battle or whatever with one of them. I was kind of sad about it honestly, because I don't like being mean to people, but it had to be done. She was the first florist I had met with and I had really liked her and we had come up with an idea for a bouquet and she was going to give us a quote later on. We really didn't have a set budget because I don't know what flowers cost! But we are trying to save where we can so we wanted it the cheaper the better. Well hers was about $850 with a deposit of $433 which is the highest deposit that we have had so far! So I went to another florist to get another idea and price, because okay like I am not going to try other places. Well we ended up making up a whole different bouquet which I liked better because she had more flowers for me to look at. She was also $200 dollars cheaper with no deposit! Which one reason is we used cheaper flowers. Well I emailed the other one to ask if the cost would be cheaper for the other flowers. Then we kept playing phone tag  because I had work and could not answer when we called then when I would call she would have a client so then she seemed frustrated that I did not answer when I was at work. Then she seemed upset that I had changed ideas on flowers. She said now obviously you got this idea from another florist, but I encourage you to see other florists besides me. Then she got really weird about how I had changed the color arrangement when really I had just taken out pink and added more purple, yellow and orange. Then I sent her a picture of what I wanted and she said if budget was an issue we could work with it. So I politely told her it was a little high and it would be better if we could bring it down. Then I get a rude email back saying that this is why she does not do consultations without a budget in mind and how did I know hers was high! I could not believe it. So I sent one back telling her that out of the DJ, reception and ceremony site, and photographer that hers was the highest deposit and that I had talked to another florist and she was cheaper and that I thought when she said we could work with the budget she meant that, not get an answer from her saying that is why she does not do consultations because of no budgets. So ya that bridge was burned and yet I am the one that feels bad but I know I shouldn't! Oh well I am happy with my florist and with my flowers. Now on to cake!

Here are some great Glee quotes from Season 2 (can you tell I am in a Glee mood?!)
"I don't need the sound of your stretch marks rubbing together"-Sue
"You're all coffee and no omelet"-Beast, "That doesn't any sense"-Sue
"This room looks like the room on that spaceship when I got probed"-Brittany
"Please don't pull out all my teeth. I'll look like an adult baby, but with boobs"-Brittany
"Who can tell me who Christopher Cross is?"-Will, "He discovered America"-Brittany
"People thought I went on vacation but I really spend the summer lost in the sewers"-Brittany
Okay that's all for now :-) I will write more tomorrow! Night Night y'all!

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