Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Wow Guys I am soooooooo sorry! I really hate not blogging this long! I am going to get back into the swing of things! Things got really busy with work, doctors appointments, wedding appointments, not feeling great and then just lazy! I again am very sorry! Please don't stop following and reading! I might attempt to post twice tonight but can't promise! Right now I am going to do the Stylish Blogger Award that I received from my favorite blogger Kristin if you don't already read her you should check her out! 
Here are the rules!!!
To accept the stylish blogger award I must:
1. Thank and link back to the wonderful blogger who gave me this award.
2. Share 7 things about myself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award
Well here it goes:
7 things about me!
1. I am completely obsessed with all things Disney! I could visit Disney World more than once a year and never get sick of it!
2. I LOVE baking (also cooking but baking more so) especially cupcakes and am working on getting good at baking cakes!
3. You know the movie When In Rome with Kristen Bell?! Well I want to be her character in real life, and by that I don't mean having 5 guys chasing after me because I stole their coins from the fountain of Juliet or whatever, but that I want to work at a museum and plan their events and be the curator of it!! 
4. I am marrying my best friend and the most wonderful man in the world in just a little over 4 months!
5. My family is extremely important to me! I am close to them all and don't know what I would do without any of them!
6. I love scrapbooking and even though I seem to just collect things to use to make them more than actually making them I still love it! I plan to have a crafting room some day.
7. Last but not least I am an extreme pack rat! I hate getting rid of anything, I can always find a reason I need to keep it, even clothes I don't wear! 
15 blogs I thing are great:
1. Delightfully Dowling she has an awesome blog about her life and cooking school and not to mention a ton of great recipes! I love her blog :-)! Also she writes a blog everyday! 
2. Cupcakes Take The Cake Okay I know this is not a new blog but it is too me! Let me just say I could get lost for hours on this blog looking at all the great cupcakes they find! Truly check them out!
3. Bake at 350 Once again another great baking site that I just love to read! So many great ideas! Yum!
4. Ah...My Married Life I just started following this blog recently and love it! I love how she talks about her married life! It is just a fun one to read :-)!
5. Confessions of a 20 Something  I love this blog!!! It is so cute and girly! I wish I could model mine after this! Not to mention I love reading it!
6. My Overstuffed Bookshelf I love this blog because it is about books! Which I love to read! She is doing a 100 book reading challenge which I intend to join, with no hope of completing, but I love that she reviews so many books! :-)
7. The Sweet Art A very yummy baking blog! With so many yummy ideas!
8.  Subtle Southern Snapshots I love her blog! I love all the little ways she has people to meet other bloggers and I love her pictures! 
9. Never Growing Old This blog is so cute! And also hosts a lot of blog hops! It is very enjoyable to read!
10. Searching For The Light Photography I just love photography blogs! And this one is great!!! :-) I wish I could see all those pictures in person!
11. Love With Katie This blog is so cute! I love things about love :-). He he check out her cute blog posts!
12. LambAround She is a fellow Albuquerque blogger! And I love reading her stories! They make me laugh :-)!
13. Finding Joy in My Kitchen Another cooking blog! :-) I can totally relate to her posts!
14. The Adventures of Mommy B This is a great blog! I love how she talks about being a mom and spending time with her kids, but also finds time to do other stuff!
15. 33 Shades of Green I love her Tasty Tuesday Blog Hops! I also just love reading her blog! Such great ideas!

Well there we go! Now that I have done my stylish blog award list I need to let them all know! I am off to finish working! I am hoping to do an update blog for the days that I missed later! Fingers crossed! Adios!


  1. Look how sweet you are! listing why you love each blog you have chosen! That is just too cute! Thanks sweet girl, I really appreciate it!!! xoxox

  2. Hi Rachel - Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! It was fun reading your 7 things and I'm looking forward to checking out the other blogs you listed.
    Happy Friday!

  3. Well what a nice surprise! Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

  4. Thanks so much! :) Happy baking!

  5. Thanks so much for passing this along to me!! It's a real treat to hear you say you can relate to the posts here... thank you.

    And, what fun to learn a bit about you.

  6. Hi Rach!!

    I am just getting caught on my emails and wanted to thank you very much for the award! You are so sweet to pass this along to me and congrats to you for winning it!!

    Have a great week!