Friday, January 28, 2011

Very Quick Blog!

Hey guys sorry I haven't written in the last three days! I was doing so well then I messed it all up didn't I!? Anyway this one is going to be very short because I am exhausted and am going to watch a movie and go to sleep. The last couple days have been hectic and I haven't felt great, on top of that I pulled a muscle in my back which has made my running not really happen! I am afraid I am going to lose my mile! I also plan to do some baking this weekend because I need to! Anyway the florist is now picked YAY! I am excited. We also found this great local cake lady on craigslist and are going to try her out and see how she is! Her pictures are really amazing though! Also cheaper than like the bigger ones :-). Anyway I am glad for a weekend I need a nice relaxing one! Well off to bed! Night night all! I promise to write more interesting stuff tomorrow!

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