Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Wonderful Years!!!

Hey Y'all!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days it was Adam and I's three year anniversary from when we first started dating so we were having celebration weekend. On Friday night we went to Bravo for dinner and it was pretty good, if you go try their peach bellini because they are amazing!! So yummy! I want one right now. Then we walked around Uptown some and visited the Apple Store and Boarders. Then we went and saw Season of the Witch. Let's just say I was not super impressed. Luckily we had a free movie pass so we didn't have to pay, because I would not have paid to see that movie! When we were waiting for it to start some people with a baby came in for a 10:30 movie and we were like great. One who brings their kid to a movie that late, two why to that type of movie and three just really! Well then another group of three people sat right in front of us and then the guy in front of us texted almost the whole time until his battery died! Truly who pays that much for a movie and then texts the whole time!? Then another group came in and sat behind us and the whole time they were smacking and popping their gum and talking! I really wanted to yell at them but oh well. The first part of the movie was pretty good but the end of it was not very good. 

Yesterday my mom and I went and had another meeting with a florist and lets just say that I changed my idea on my bouquet totally! At first it was going to have red, yellow, orange roses and pink dahlias plus some calla lillies and asian lillies. Well now it is going to have some circus spray roses, red and yellow asiatic lillies, dark purple calla lillies, and then a lot of ostramerria lillies all different colors and some green buttons. I am extremely excited! Of course now I have to chose the florist! Decisions Decisions! I also got my new glasses they actually fit and don't hit my eyelashes! Yay! I can see! 

Today I went to art attack and finished up my christmas plate I have needed to for over 2 months! Then it was of course football watching time with my parents and Adam joined us later on. Also have been working on some save the date invites because we need to get them all out! Think our next assignment is to get the baker picked out and what type of cake we want! Yay time for some cake testing!

Speaking of cake I am very sad I have not baked something since last Monday! I am planning on making some peppermint cookies, lemon cookies and oatmeal cookies. I am hoping to send them to my grandparents in Tulsa! Then it will be a real test on if I can ship my cookies and them stay in one piece and still taste good! 

We watched The Sorcerers Apprentice last night and I still like it! At least Nicohlas Cage is not awful in this one! Then my mom and I watched When In Rome I really like that movie! I think I could watch it over and over it is so cute and funny! Then I see her in all these cute work outfits and I think I want to work somewhere I could dress up like that! If only there were places like that here! Like oh I don't know the Smithsonian was here! But alas there is not! Then I think hey maybe if I opened my own business then I could dress however I wanted. Like oh I don't know a cupcakery and/or an event planning business! Sigh if only I could figure out what I want to do :-/. 

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Well time to go eat some dinner, my Dad's homemade spaghetti sauce, yum yum! Talk to ya tomorrow!


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  2. i love peach bellini's!

    congrats on 3 years! that's super!! :D

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  4. Yani-Thanks so much I am following yours :-)
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