Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey Guys! (Or I should say Kristin!),
Hope everyone's weekend is going well, I decided to write in the center today :-).
Well so I got behind on my blogging sorry about that! 
Had a couple of hectic days. Today we met with some DJ's and it is stressful deciding!
We thought we had decided, but then something came up and we were given some information that completely changed out back to the drawing board on DJ's. We have
and idea of what other one we want, but I can't get ahold of them and since we have a June wedding of course everything is getting booked up!
I have some meetings with a florist lined up but no idea on what type of flowers I want! 
Any suggestions?!
Then we still need to decide on a cake baker and of course what to make the cake like! 
Time is just ticking by and I am starting to freak out! 

So on a little side note I am being a complete nerd and have the first episode of the new bachelor on! 
It is kind of hard to watch cause so far it is just him saying waa waa I didn't find someone
I got panic attacks I have had three years of therapy and soul searching. 
But, yet here I am watching it, don't ask me why but I am.
I always hate when you see how mean the girls are and then he just keeps them around so far I like Ashley H. Just from seeing their little bios ha ha. 
And now there is one who works at a morgue that is so creepy lol.

So I am sad that I didn't get to bake today with Kristin from Delightfully Dowling! But I hope next week we can! I am needing some time to bake!
Last night went with Katie, Keenan and Adam to Jinja, which I had been really excited about 
but it was a let down it was expensive and nothing exciting. PF Chang's is so much better!
It is sad because Katie is going back to college in a week! I don't want her
to leave! 

So I keep meaning to post some pictures, but I do promise I will soon! I also 
have decided I need to expand my cooking so I am going to pick some recipes out of my cook books I have (which is two!) a Rachel Ray cookbook from Kristin :-) and a big pink one that I can't remember the name that I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond. 
However none of them have a recipe for Green Chili Stew! However, Kristin gave me one that I am going to use :-). 
Well, I am going to go watch a movie and do some wedding stuff! Signing off 
for now will write more tomorrow and hopefully have some pictures! 

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  1. hahahaha! i feel like you wrote that blog just for me! love it! :)

    if you don't have an appointment with them already, melba's flowers on montgomery and louisianna-ish are amazing (and VERY reasonably priced!). melba is so sweet and they did such a good job at our wedding; check them out!

    do you want a traditional tiered cake? if so, abc makes awesome tasting cakes (have no idea what their designs are like). we went with cupcakes from cupcakeology and were very pleased!

    while cleaning out the closet, i found a cupcake book that i already had a copy of... would you like it?

    whew! that was a long comment!