Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Fast One

Hey guys! Wow eight followers already! I am growing in number! Sorry I haven't written in the last couple of days they have been busy! Friday night I had a double date night with my MOH Katie and her boyfriend and Adam and I. We went to Olive Garden and then we went to Keenan's house to play Kinect! And let me tell you I never thought playing the Kinect would be so much fun! We played soccer, table tennis, a track competition and some dodgeball stuff. It was quite a workout! I was sore the next day! Especially after the track competition you had to jump hurdles, sprint, discus, long jump and javeline it was intense! Then afterward Katie and I went to her house and looked at bouquets and watched Glee! 

On Saturday I had a meeting with our first florist, my mom and I went. She was great! She had a lot of questions and knew so much about flowers! She definitely helped! She had a great idea that instead of the flower girls having a basket and throwing flowers that they would have really tiny bouquets and then that way they are not dragging as much attention to themselves because she states that they can sometimes steal the show because they are so cute. She also suggested that instead of the mothers and grandmothers wearing corsages or flowers pinned on their shirts that they have 2 or 3 flowers kind of like a bouquet as well so that then they don't have to ruin their dress or have it on their wrist. She also said that to save on centerpieces to turn my bouquet and all the others into centerpieces! The hotel is supposed to provide us with some that comes with the package and she even offered to come along and add stuff to it to spruse it up some! I was very excited! She is supposed to call next week with a quote! Let's hope it is a good price! I have decided to have calla lillies, asian lillies and roses and dahlias in my bouquet I want it to be colorful because it is after all a summer wedding! 

Tomorrow I am baking with Kristin finally! It should be a lot of fun! I made my Mom and Dad some green chili stew on Saturday evening for our family dinner and they loved it! I am glad I can now make that! My mom bought me a cookie recipe book and a crock-pot recipe book I am very excited to use them both! Well sorry this is so short I am tired and don't want to sleep away my day off! I am going to bake and hopefully get some cleaning done! Maybe even off to art attack if there is time! Night Night all! Will post some pictures soon! 

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