Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday

Hello All,
   Already on day 3 of the new year! It is hard to believe! We have a meeting today with  a DJ for the wedding, it is the first one we have had. I looked over my list of what should have already been done for the wedding and ya we are pretty far behind! But hopefully we can get our buts in gear and get going on it. Saturday evening I got to spend it with one of my Maid Of Honors and we had a blast! We went out to eat at Applebee's which is where we always try to go because we love their nachos. However, since they changed them they are not as good, but we did not get to have them this time because they were out of the chili for the "Chili" nachos. The waiter asked us if we still wanted them and I was thinking you mean chips with white queso (not even the good kind) and jalapenos and lettuce no thanks! On top of that they had the UFC fight on I guess it was a "big one" or something I don't know all the same to me just silly men hitting each other. Of course they had it on the loud speaker and it was very annoying and of course the one TV that was farthest away from us had the OU game on and I would have rather watched it. We really could not figure out the point of the UFC fight they just kind of roll around on top of each other and in between each others legs. One fight hardly lasted at all and the other they just rolled around doing nothing so I have yet to see the appeal. It was just like 2 oiled up men who think they are the shit rubbing up against one another. Now I had a funny idea, when they are in leg locks and one is on bottom what would happen if he just stuck a finger up the others guys butt or you know poked it to surprise him and then the guy on top would probably get off of him. Yes yes it is gross but come on! Also, why not when one is not expecting it to depants him I mean these are some serious elements of surprise here! I think they could learn from me ;-).

After we had our dinner we went to rent a movie we ended up getting Vampires Suck because Easy A was not where our RedBox was. It was actually not a bad movie since it was one of those silly spoof movies. We actually enjoyed it. The girl that they had playing Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) did a great job of making fun of her! It was amazing! The guy that played Edward (Robert Pattenson) was so much cuter than Robert Pattenson. I am sorry I like the Twilight series, but I like the books, they are so much better. And let me tell you the Edward in my mind is nothing like this Edward, my Edward is more Ryan Reynolds type of Edward. I mean even Dr. Cullen is better looking than Edward in the movie. I mean if I were Bella in the books I would pick Edwards hands down, in the movies Jacob all the way I mean do you see those abs?! Also, I am sorry but can Kristen Stewart show any emotion in the Twilight movies. I mean her I love you's and you left me I am so sad have the same emotion...none!!!! She just can't act. If they could recast Edward and Bella for better people it would make the movies so much better! 

After watching that movie we decided for some fourth meal tacos and then decided to find a RedBox that had Easy A. Yes I had already watched it but I liked it enough to watch it again. After we watched it and ate our tacos we had a couple of drinks, we had a shot of rum with some coke to follow it (so a quick version of a rum and coke :-D) and then we had a white russian, which I LOVE! I am really good at making them too! Then we discussed some ideas for the bachelorette party! We want to get corsets and then I want the wedding party to all have ties that have what they are (ie. Bride (me), Maid of Honor, Brides Maid) written on them in puff paint and then we want to wear those glittery black top hat things and we weren't sure on the bottom yet. We also want a night where we are wearing little black dresses, of course that would mean that I have to find me one! I can't believe I am 23 and I don't have a little black dress! Of course I just can't find one or the ones I like are too expensive. Anyway then one of my other BM had an idea of us being the 7 deadly sins for the bachelorette party which I thought was pretty cool idea too! Let me explain how we can have so many themes, well we are going to Vegas about 2 weeks before the wedding so we will have a couple of nights there and then we are having a smaller one on the Thursday before the wedding so my other MOH who lives in Tulsa can go to it since she can't make it to the Vegas one. I am very excited for them all!

On the workout front I have done not so bad. I did not work out Saturday night but last night I went running on the treadmill. I am getting better I can now do .10 walking to warm up then I did .30 running pretty fast and then would walk .10 again and then run another .30 till I hit a mile. I am determined to get myself up to running without stopping for a mile and then continue to work up till there. My goal for this is by January 18-20th that way it is about 5 months before the wedding. Tonight I am going to try and do some sit ups, butt workouts, legs, arms, and yoga. Our house is a pit though from being gone for xmas and suitcases are everywhere! Plus we have no food in the fridge! 

I finished Water For Elephants and was pleasantly surprised with the ending and surprised how much I actually enjoyed reading a non-vampire/fantasy book. I am now trying to finish my Sookie Stackhouse book, Definitely Dead and also trying to read Brisinger the 3rd book in the Inheritance Series which I had started like 2 years ago. It is such a huge book that I never read it because I have to lug it around. I can't decide what book to buy next on my Kindle because I want to buy all the Sookie books since I have been and plus I don't have a lot of money. I wish the Kindle had a library! However, I have heard that you can download ebooks from your library and upload them to the Kindle so I am going to try that. 

On the cupcake business, my parents told me my New Year's cupcakes were the best yet! I am so excited! I love my new signature icing style it reminds me of a rose! I have thought of a name, but am not sure it is available so I am not going to mention it yet! Wish me luck though! Whoever you are that is reading this! I think someone has been looking at my page but I am not sure! If you have been reading you should follow or post a comment so I know your out there and I can give you a shout out! Thanks for reading!


  1. a cupcake business? how fun! lets bake together soon!

  2. Ha ha ya! We will see! Yes lets!