Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Quick Blog

Hey All,
Sorry I didn't update last night ran out of time! We were working on our save the date cards! We are almost there thank goodness! My working out is not happening yet again! Grr! I definitely need to tonight. We had an interview with a DJ on Monday night and it went really well, but man DJs are so expensive! We have another meeting with one tonight so we will see how that one goes!

I got a slow cooker for Christmas and am very excited to use it! When I can figure out what I want to cook first! I was looking through my two cookbooks I own (how sad I need more!) And neither of them have a recipie for green chili stew! When I was looking through them I realized how much I want to try cooking stuff! Then I realized how expensive it would be :-(.

I have begun to contimplate what I want to do schooling wise. Law school is not as appealing anymore because I see how it can affect people and consume their lives and I don't want that. I have also thought about going back to get my masters or phd in history, but then what would I do with it?! I mean I could teach but dunno where, I could do research but not sure that make a living, I would love to be a museum curator but we don't have the Smithsonian here :(, I could be an archaeologist but then have to get grants and travel away from family a lot. Then there is event/wedding planning, but that is a lot of stress. Then there is baking I love baking! I would love to open up my own bakery, but that takes money I don't have, but all bakeries start somewhere right?! So on that note I have thought about going to cooking school. Not sure if I would just go for baking or do everything. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Well guess better get back to it! I will write more later!
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  1. i have a really yummy (and easy!) recipe for green chili stew, if you'd like it!

  2. also, plans this weekend? you could come over and we could cook/bake up a storm for the fellas!

  3. I would love an easy and yummy green chili stew recipe! :-). Let me check with Adam he might be going up to a friends house and not be here, but if not we could! And if so maybe next weekend?! Or you and I can just hang out and bake/cook! :-)

  4. whatever you want to do, friend!

    i'll email you that recipe later!

  5. Okay sounds great! You know what other movie we should watch besides Rock-A-Doodle and Little Nemo is Julie and Julia!

  6. that's one of my most favorite movies of all time! :D done deal!