Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Monday...Monday....Monday

Hello Kristin,
You are still my only reader :-(. Hopefully one day I will have more than one! Anyway tonight's post is going to be short because I am ready to go to bed! 

Exciting news.........we put our deposit down for the DJ so that is all settled that relieves a little bit of stress!  also got my glasses taken care of and hopefully the new ones will fit me so much better so yet again a tiny bit of stress is taken off. No stress taken off is more wedding planning, sending out save the dates, and cleaning the house it is a pit and I can hardly stand it! We don't have enough room for everything unfortunately, especially my baking stuff! 

Speaking of baking stuff here are some pictures of the Mickey Mouse cake I made my mother for her birthday. I even made the icing from scratch and colored it myself! :-) I was soooo proud of my first cake and soooo very proud of my icing job anyhoo here it is!
Here I am with my Mickey Cake! 

Well those are all the pictures I have right now! More to come! 

Sorry this is such a short post, work was pretty stressful today and had to make lots of appointments and meetings so that was a little stressing. Hopefully tomorrow will be a less stressful day, although I need to clean something or I will never be able to relax. I also did not get my workout in tonight so I am upset about that a little bit. 

Oh on the review front I watched the first show of The Cape and let me just say I was less than impressed! I was hoping for something so much more! I watched all two hours of it and it did not get any better. It was the same situation over and over he would try and fight and would get hurt and some girl would come save him and then poof all over again! Although the guy is an attractive actor so that might save the show and the girl was I am sure attractive to men but to me I need more substance to the show. 

Well goodnight all! 


  1. I love that cake! Great job!

  2. Thanks Joyful Jabber! It makes me so happy someone else is reading! Please continue to read and follow! :-)

    Thanks Kristin!!! WE need to bake!

  3. here, here! this weekend, perhaps?