Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Months to Go!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay again! I am really trying to write every night but it is not working but at least it is not weeks in between right?! Anyway let's see what to talk about! Oh I know it is the 18th which means it is now official 5 months exactly until the wedding! I am so excited! I am still ansy though about getting everything done! At least the DJ is done and after this Saturday the florist will be done! But that still leaves flower girl dresses, cake, decorations, candy bar, favors, tent, music list, invites, food tasting, and more! Yikes! I can do it! I can do it! 

Also on the fact that it is the 18th I have hit my mile mark! Yup I official ran a mile today without stopping! I am sore but am so pleased! I am two days ahead of my goal! I am going to say by Feb. 20th I would like to be able to run 2 miles! Maybe my hopes are high but I think I can do it! 

I am going to attempt to starting making more cupcakes, cakes and now cookies! I got stuff to make some oatmeal cookies and some peppermint cookies from scratch! I am excited! I really like this new cookie recipe book my mom got me! I am determined to learn how to make them all! I went to the store tonight and got stuff to make more green chili stew, per Adam's request and then I also got stuff to make a pot roast in my crock-pot! Hopefully this weekend! This weekend is special because on Friday the 21st it will be Adam and I's 3rd anniversary since we started dating! I am excited! I have been with such a wonderful man for 3 years and many more great years to come! And in 5 months I will be Mrs. Hurd! I bet I will have a lot of trouble signing my name for awhile! 

How about a look back at my very first cupcake decorating experience with my moose brother Katie! They were not the best but hey you have to start somewhere! At least I have progressively gotten better. Especially the ones I made with Kristin on Monday! Anyway here they are we decided to combine Thanksgiving and Halloween in one shot. 
These are the Turkey's we made we had to improvise on some of the decorations but they turned out 
pretty good for our first attempt. 
 Here are our pumpkins, and yes they are yellow because we could not for the life of us
find any orange decorating sugar! Of course now I know where to look!
Anyway! So ya those were my first attempt at cupcakes! I would say I am a lot better now :-). I am making my way through the 3rd Eragon series book Brisinger (not sure spelled right) but it is about 756 pages long and I am now on about 366! It is sooooo daunting because I can read all my other books super fast because they are only like 300-400 pages long or less and then here I am trucking my way through this book! It is really good it is just long and feels like I am getting nowhere! Anyway so I decided the other night to watch the movie Eragon, which has no justice towards the book it is so wrong! Anyway so I was watching and I realized the cousin of Eragon is the cute english guy from Letters to Juliet! It was pretty funny! He looks a lot cuter now. If you have not seen Letters to Juliet to watch it now! Seriously! Well off to make lunch! Night Night!
Our first trip to Disney! 

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