Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Owl's and Pie's

Hey guys! 
    And yes I can finally say guys! I now have 6 followers! Thank you everyone! Hopefully it will keep growing and growing! Sorry I did not write anything last night I hardly slept the night before and then decided to make some green chili stew and it wasn't even ready till about 10:00! So I had every intention of blogging about it but I was so exhausted I fell asleep! I have not loaded my pictures yet of it but I will do that tomorrow and put them up on here with a recipe. 

Well I can't believe it is only Wednesday! I keep thinking that it is Thursday for some reason! I really wish it was! I want it to be the weekend! Especially because I get Monday off from work! I have been looking at trying to find a job working somewhere that does weddings and events and am even thinking about applying places that do baking and cupcakes. But we will see if that happens, fingers crossed! 

On the review of whatever I have watched front I watched Letters to Juliet last night, I had seen it before but I still love it! I am not sure why the girl is with her fiance in the first place because he is just selfish and doesn't care about her at all, but the other guy in the movie is definitely very cute! It is a cute feel good movie and I definitely needed one of those! I am stressed out! I feel like our apartment is going to collapse on me at any minute there is so much stuff everyone! And that is mainly because we have no where to put all of our stuff! Our lease is up at the end of March and I really would like to move to a rental house or something, but that is not looking like it is going to happen :-(. Adam and I have also started watching You're Cut Off, well the old season apparently, and it is kind of funny and then just sad that people let their children get that way! 

On the workout front on Sunday I ran a whole half mile without stopping I was so proud! I am halfway to my goal of a mile by the 20th! If I keep it up then maybe I will make it! Then I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday and felt not good about it. So today after work I went and ran and I got up to .55 without stopping so I am .05 more than last time! Then I speed walked for about 20 miles and finished up a whole mile with walking .20 and running .80! I am pretty proud. I need to make myself do sit-ups after this blog! 

So tonight I thought I would share some pictures of some "pie" and "owl" cupcakes I made a little while back with my friend Katie! Here they are hope you enjoy! 
We did not take very many getting them cooked pictures so this is all I got. I thought the pies actually turned out pretty good. We used Cocoa to dye our icing to the crust color of a pie and then used M&M's as the pie filling so to me it looks like I have a chocolate, cherry, apple, blueberry, orange and banana pie ha ha I know not all of those are very appealing sounding. For the owls my eyes did not turn out as I had planned, my book told me to heat the Oreo's in the microwave for a few seconds so the cream would come off on one side well when I even did for a few seconds it just melted so I just decided to do it without doing that but it didn't work too well. The nose is a yellow M&M and the pupils are M&M's as well. They were supposed to have ears but I got to frustrated he he! But I think you can still tell what they are :-). 

Anyway so that is my update for the night I might try and clean something before I go to bed so I don't go insane! Goodnight all! 


  1. Those cupcakes are so cute!

  2. Thank you! I didn't think they would look that good as I was working on them lol!