Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally One With Pictures!

Hey there! It is time for another blog! I am on a roll now 2 in a row :-). Workout is falling behind again hoping this next week I can get back on track. Not sure I am going to make my running a mile by the 20th but we shall see! It is a busy week with lots to do so fingers crossed. On my Bachelor watching last night I now have my two favorites and I am thinking one makes it to the end, but I don't think he picks her! Yes okay I looked at the spoilers and somehow they always seem to be right! 

Trip down memory lane my mom and I watched Miracle on 34th Street last night, we always watch it at Christmas. Of course we watched it on VHS and towards the end I realized hey we had bought this on DVD! Hopefully next year I will remember. Adam does not like this movie because he thinks the little girl is creepy, but I disagree. I also watched part of Passport to Paris, which yes is a Mary Kate and Ashley movie, but it was my favorite of theirs when I was growing up. Let's just say I watched it about 16 times in a row! I loved it back then. Now watching it is a pretty silly movie but oh well! Tonight is the first episode of The Cape and I am pretty excited, I know it seems like a weird TV Batman, but I think it is going to be great! 

So here are my new years cupcakes that I made which turned out pretty good I must say, at least I think. 
Here is the material I used:
I found candy melts that had sprinkles in them so they would work for my "New Years Ball" instead of having to ice little lights onto them all separately. 
I found these super cute cupcake liners and decided on a black and white theme!
Then I found these awesome black and white, cookies& creme crunch sprinkles!
Here are all my supplies together, including the donuts for my "New Years Ball" unfortunately I could not find smaller ones :-(
Here is my handy cupcake pourer, as I call it, you pour the batter in and then you hold it over the cupcake liners/pan and pull back the handle and it goes right in! So handy! They can 
be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Here they are all ready to bake :-)
Here are my "New Year Balls" they are kinda huge cause I could not find smaller donut holes and did not have time to make them like little cake pops as I had hoped. 
I have now found my signature way to ice my cupcakes here it is :-)
I think it looks like a rose!
Here they are with the yummy sprinkles!
And then here is the final product with the "New Years Ball" added, but they were a little heavy so I had to take them out before delivering them to my parents and Adam's grandparents.
I think they turned out pretty good if you ask me! 

Anyway! So that was my first picture blog and my first posting of my cupcakes! More to come! Hope you all enjoyed :-). Hopefully one day they will be featured on Cup Cakes Take The Cake! Heres to hoping! I would just be happy with more followers :-) hint hint! Adios for now!


  1. first, i MUST HAVE that batter dispenser!
    second, you have to teach me how you frost your cupcakes! beautiful!

  2. Go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We could go together cause I love that store! But it is amazing! It helps soooooo much! :-). Okay I definitely will! Cause I sucked at frosting cupcakes and then I thought why not try it this way and then poof it worked! :-)