Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year Has Arrived

Hello readers (whoever you are) hope everyone had a great new years! We opened presents last night because we were not in town for Christmas. It was a lot of fun got some new scrapbook stuff and a new suitcase and more. I had been doing pretty good on my workout I ran a mile on Thursday, but I didn't do anything yesterday so I need to get back on it.

My wedding dress has arrived for the second time, there were mistakes on the first one. In fact a lot for it to be a brand new dress, so fingers crossed that this one is better! Set up two meetings with DJs now to set up the flowers and cake trying. Still need to get out save the dates out we would have had them out if VistaPrint had not lost our magnets then we would have been done with this. But for some reason they did the option where they send by UPS then deliver to post office and then they deliver to us well it would help it they put our address and not address it to the post office only.

We watched the A-Team last night and I really enjoy it. I love Murdock! And I love Liam Neeson! If you havent't seen it you should! I made some New Years cupcakes last night and found out my signature swirl I am going to use all the time! They were chocolate fudge with vanilla and cream cheese frosting with cookies and creams sprinkles and I covered a donut hole with melted sprinkled candy vanilla as the new years ball. They turned out pretty good!

Well off to play cranium with the fiances family!
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